Hudson Deegan also known as “Huckson Deegan” is the youngest of the Deegan family and is definitely his own unique person. The staff spent the day hanging out with him at the Deegan compound and we found out immediately that Hudson is all about having fun no matter what he doing. Check out the video below for a sneak peek of our day from the crew Ayala Media. Stay tuned for a full Travis Fant video edit later this month, a “Two-Stroke Tuesday feature on his KTM65 and a full story in an upcoming issue of our printed magazine.  For more info on everything Deegan check out  :  and Brian’s Podcast!…

Here are some more images of our day at the Deegan compound.

Like we said Hudson is all about having fun. Here he plays around on his pit bike. Photo: Ron Lawson


Cooling off after our shoot. Hudson Deegan and Jacob Tilley spent some time in the pool just being kids.
Going to the extreme is on the trampoline and always having fun! Photo: Ron Lawson
Hudson blasting berms on his KTM65 prepared by his mechanic Cody Leighton.


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