Don’t panic, it’s easy
Full-wrap hand guards are an off-roader’s best friend, and since we are all about having friends, we are going to show you how to install some on your trusty steed. Basic tools make the job easy, and with a bit of patience, you can get the job done. Grab your hacksaw, a round file and a razor blade, and let’s go.

Start by trimming off the end of your grip. Be very careful, slicing yourself with a razor is no good. Just ask Booth, he sank one a couple inches deep into his thigh this month working on another bike.

Use a hacksaw to trim off the very end of your throttle tube. Take your time and do it right, there is no need to get crazy, all you’ll get is bar swap and a crocked cut.

Slide the throttle tube off, and with a round file clean up the inside of your throttle tube. You want that throttle tube nice and smooth so you can pin it when you need it.

We used a set of Moose full wrap handguards. We moved our throttle tube in slightly, so the full wrap guard doesn’t rub against the grip or the cut throttle tube. You don’t want any binding; whiskey throttle is a scary thing. Slide the wedges into the end of the handlebar first.

The Moose handguard mount off the handlebar has a cool dip to it so you can run your cable and wires without worry. We lined everything up finger tight and then tightened the handguard starting at the end of the bar, then worked everything tight by going back and forth. A little grease on the threads is a good idea since the bolts are steel,  and threading into aluminum.

A front top view shows how all the cables and wires run uninterrupted.

Once the full wrap guards are tightened down you can mount the deflectors to the wraps and you are ready to look good and protect your hands.




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