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I’ve seen a lot of different opinions on cleaning KTM/Beta-type air filters. Do you remove the rubber grommets from the filter when you clean and oil? Most say no. Seems to me that’s an unoiled part of the filter if you don’t take them out.

Herb T.
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This missive makes my teeth hurt. Why? Because I have probably cleaned 1000 Twin Air filters over the years and have never thought twice about yanking out the grommets prior to a cleanse and lube job. But then again, I ride the sharp side of the “excessive orderliness,” so this task seemed pedestrian to yours truly. That being said, I questioned a double fistful of my riding colleagues, many of whom have KTMs shoehorned in their Sprinter vans. And, I came up with exactly one person who yanked the grommets—me.

I remove them prior to washing and reinstall them following oiling. Why? I do not want to invite any dirt to slip into my machine’s powerplant through an air filter that hasn’t been fully maintained. Don’t be slothful; take two seconds to remove them.

the grommet factor


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