A motorcycle must feel as if it’s part of your body. There could have been a hundred times when you tried riding motorcycles and it just didn’t feel right. The seat comfort, bike weight, ride smoothness, bike controls like clutch and throttle, engine power, gear shifts, etc. It could be anything! It all depends on how you choose your bike.

Whether for racing or just riding, a motorcycle is all about comfort and feel, and if a bike lacks either of those key components, it can be unsettling. To get the most out of your motorcycling experience, you need to educate yourself a bit on motorcycles and find the perfect one that fits your height and size and preferences perfectly. 

Look for your fit

To pick a motorcycle that fits your height, visit your local motorcycle dealership and try several models. Check for the distance from the seat to foot and hand of the bike, as well as how well your feet touch the ground. Also, get a feel of the weight distribution from one side to the other. Check whether the bike balances your weight with it. 

It has to be balanced

Adventure bikes used to be more about image than true off-road capability. That has changed.
Adventure bikes used to be more about image than true off-road capability. That has changed.
Bike riding is all about balance. Never buy a motorcycle that doesn’t allow both your feet to touch flat on the ground. One other indicator is that if you can’t reach the controls of the bike. If you are having to stretch too far to reach the hand controls, or cannot sit comfortably, then it is a definite sign that the bike is not meant for you. 

Finding The Right Type of Motorcycle

You may already have the picture of your bike in your mind. But when it comes to bikes, there are a ton of designs and types out there. To give you an idea, here are a few of them. 

 Cruisers are low seated motorbikes which makes them a very popular option to new riders. They also come in with a ton of designs. 

Sportbikes are probably among the most popular rides. The body is built keeping in mind the aerodynamics of the bike. They are mostly used for racing purposes. 
Touring motorcycles are the Rolls Royces of the motorcycle world. They are designed mainly to provide comfort to the rider but tend to be pretty heavy. However, the heavy weight of the bike makes them glide smoothly on the road. 
Dual-Sport motorcycles are the ones that can do it all. You can cruise them across the country, on the highway, through the dirt. So, if you’re looking for a bike that does it all, Dual-sport may be the one! 

There are many well-established brands that produce the best Dual-Sport bikes. SSR Motorsports is one of them. This industry produces highly distinctive and fuel-efficient 
bikes. Doesn’t matter if you are an expert or a beginner, SSR motorsports promise to provide every kind of bike you will ever need. 


Every rider has a reason to buy a bike. Some want it for fun while some just want the freedom to ride on an open road. Whatever the case may be, don’t settle for anything less. Try every motorcycle until you find the one that fits perfectly. Just make sure to check the safety manual guide before you start your journey on your new bike. 


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