Helmets, even the high-buck ones, can only absorb a big impact once. One good hit, and the styrofoam liner between the comfort padding and the shell is compressed?and it doesn?t spring back. The shell may look fine, but it probably sacrificed itself in the blow, too. It?s hard to retire a new lid when it still looks new. Don?t you wish someone could tell if your helmet can still protect you? Someone can, if your helmet was made by Arai, Shoei or Bell. Your dealer will determine if your helmet is worth sending for inspection. In addition to safety inspection, these companies also sell most of the wearable, replaceable parts on their helmets. Most of the simple screw-on items you can replace yourself. Arai, Shoei and Bell will do the more serious repairs at their service centers.

If you?re wondering about the remaining protective value of your Arai, Shoei or Bell helmet, your dealer can send it to the appropriate service center. The inspection service is free, you pay only the shipping costs. If your helmet checks out safety-wise, but looks bad, there are about a million painters out there who can make it look new. A well-done spray paint job and a Try Lee Designs sticker kit can get it looking good, too.

Arai, Bell and Shoei offer every replaceable part in every original color for most of their recent models. Most helmets have replaceable liners. If you don?t understand how your helmet?s liner comes out, ask your dealer or contact the helmet manufacturer. The liner on this Arai snaps in. The manual that comes with most helmets will have the disassembly and cleaning info you need for the model you have. You tossed the manual? You can get another from the helmet manufacturer.

Some helmets are retired just because they smell bad, or the comfort padding has collapsed, giving the helmet a ‘hard’ feel, especially when worn for long periods. A good cleaning job using mild dish soap can improve the smell and feel by removing bacteria, dirt and skin oil that takes away the upholstery?s cushy feel. Towel the interior dry and let it air dry. Don?t put removable liners (or whole helmets) in the dryer!


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