Just three days after the opening round of the 2021 Monster Energy Supercross season, NRG stadium in Houston came alive for round two.  In the 450 class,  it was truly a race that cold have gone to anyone in the main. In the end, it was defending champion Eli Tomac that survived the chaos and calamity that seemed to consume all the other top riders. Rookie Dylan Ferrandis was another survivor, finishing second and saying “I shouldn’t be here!” from the podium. That was echoed by 37 year-old Justin Brayton in third.  When the smoke cleared, it was Justin Barcia who retained the points lead. In the 250E class, it was an emotional night for Jett Lawrence, who claimed his first-ever main event win over the Star Racing duo of Colt Nichols and Christian Craig. For extended coverage of 2021 Supercross, click here.

450 HEAT 1

Chase Sexton was all smiles after his heat race. Travis Fant photo.

Chase Sexton scored his career first Supercross heat win in the first 450 race of the night. It was a start-to-finish win, but it still didn’t come easily. The entire field had to return to the gate after a first-turn pile up took out a number of riders including Vince Friese and Justin Bogle. Sexton and Marvin Musquin had been up front when the red flag came out, and they  ended up in front once again after the restart. Dylan Ferrandis spend much of the race in third, but eventually came up to pass Musquin for second.

1 Chase Sexton
2 Dylan Ferrandis
3 Marvin Musquin
4 Malcolm Stewart
5 Justin Brayton
6 Jason Anderson
7 Joey Savatgy
8 Martin Davalos
9 Kyle Chisholm
10 Justin Bogle
11 Cade Clason
12 Adam Enticknap
13 Jeremy Smith
14 Justin Rodbell
15 Aj Catanzaro
16 Scott Champion
17 Vann Martin
18 Deven Raper
19 Nick Schmidt
20 Vince Friese

450 HEAT 2

Zach Osborne shook of the problems of Saturday to turn the fastest time of session one. Photo: Travis Fant.

Justin Barcia and Zach Osborne were up front from the start,  but Eli Tomac  had an uncharacteristically good start within the top five.  He passed Cianciarulo and Tickle to move into third. It turned into a very fast heat with Barcia, Osborne, Tomac, Cianciarulo, Roczen and Webb in the top six. With four laps to go, Cianciarulo repassed Tomac, leaving his teammate to deal with Roczen. In the end, Barcia finished a few bike lengths ahead of Osborne, followed by Cianciarulo, Tomac, Roczen, Webb, Dean Wilson, Aaron Plessinger and Benny Bloss.

1 Justin Barcia
2 Zach Osborne
3 Adam Cianciarulo
4 Eli Tomac
5 Ken Roczen
6 Cooper Webb
7 Dean Wilson
8 Aaron Plessinger
9 Benny Bloss
10 Fredrik Noren
11 Brandon Hartranft
12 Carlen Gardner
13 Justin Starling
14 Austin Politelli
15 Joan Cros
16 Ronnie Stewart
17 Theodore Pauli
18 Ludovic Macler
19 Broc Tickle
20 Alex Ray


Eli Tomac avoided trouble to claim his first win of the season. Photo by Travis Fant.

Chase Sexton pulled the holeshot with Cianciarulo and Tomac right behind him. It was intense up front in the early laps, with Osborne, Webb and Musquin all in the top ten, but Anderson, Barcia and Roczen were buried.  Barcia and Roczen continued their battle from last week, but now they were fighting for 12th. A few laps into the race, Cianciarulo fell in the notorious sand section dropping back to 14th. A lap later, Chase Sexton fell in almost the same place. He walked off the track favoring his wrist. Suddenly, Tomac had a five second lead over Justin Brayton and Zach Osborne. In the next few maps, the sand claimed Musquin as well. By the halfway point, the race settled down with Tomac ahead of Osborne, Brayton, Ferrandis, Malcolm Stewart, Ken Roczen, Cooper Webb and Justin Barcia. For lap after lap, no one could seem to break free, The race between Tomac and Osborne only got tighter, while the rest of the field was shoulder to shoulder. It seemed that making up time was difficult, but making mistakes was easy. With two laps to go, Osborne went down, promoting Ferrandis to second place. The last laps saw  Brayton and Cooper Webb battle to the line with Brayton hanging on to third.

1 Eli Tomac
2 Dylan Ferrandis
3 Justin Brayton
4 Cooper Webb
5 Ken Roczen
6 Marvin Musquin
7 Malcolm Stewart
8 Jason Anderson
9 Justin Barcia
10 Zach Osborne
11 Dean Wilson
12 Adam Cianciarulo
13 Broc Tickle
14 Kyle Chisholm
15 Vince Friese
16 Aaron Plessinger
17 Brandon Hartranft
18 Alex Ray
19 Benny Bloss
20 Martin Davalos
21 Joey Savatgy
22 Chase Sexton

250E HEAT 1

Michael Mosiman scored his career first heat win. Photo by Travis Fant

Star Racing’s Colt Nichols came out of the hole hard to take the lead, while Austin Forkner went down in the first turn. He got up slowly, then went to work, passing several riders a lap. On the third lap, Nichols fell in the sand and allowed Red Bull GasGas rider Michael Mosiman to take the lead. Through the rest of the race, Mosiman held on to win over Nichols, while Forkner passed his way up to fourth, behind

1 Michael Mosiman
2 Colt Nichols
3 Mitchell Oldenburg
4 Austin Forkner
5 Grant Harlan
6 Thomas Do
7 Hunter Sayles
8 Logan Karnow
9 Tj Albright
10 Kevin Moranz
11 Hunter Schlosser
12 Jonah Geistler
13 Alexander Nagy
14 Devin Harriman
15 Lane Shaw
16 Guillaume St-Cyr
17 Max Miller
18 Rene Garcia
19 Maxwell Sanford

250E HEAT 2

This was, perhaps, the calmest race of the evening. Jett Lawrence got in front of Christian Craig at the start, and the two riders simply paced each other throughout the heat. R.J. Hampshire had a more interesting ride as he had to deal with KTM rookie Max Vohland and Jo Shimoda. In the end, RJ got past Vohland and Shimoda rounded out the top five.

1 Jett Lawrence
2 Christian Craig
3 RJ Hampshire
4 Max Vohland
5 Jo Shimoda
6 Joshua Osby
7 John Short
8 Jeremy Hand
9 Joshua Varize
10 Dylan Woodcock
11 Luke Neese
12 Devin Simonson
13 Wilson Fleming
14 Curren Thurman
15 Chad Saultz
16 Austin Cozadd
17 Vincent Murphy
18 Lorenzo Camporese
19 Carter Gordon


Jett Lawrence is now third in the points, one behind Colt Nichols and four behind Christian Craig. Photo: Travis Fant

When the gate dropped for the 250 main, Jett Lawrence pulled a monster holeshot. Forkner was in second within a few turns, but then made a costly mistake, losing several places. Chriatian Craig was in about 10th. RJ Hampshire was in second ahead of Forkner, Colt Nichols and Craig. Hampshire and Forkner then tangled, both hitting the ground and handing second place to Craig. Forkner got up quickly in sixth, but RJ was a lap down before he got going, Subsequently, he fell again, ending his chance at decent comeback. At the halfway mark, Lawrence had over 9 seconds on Craig. Nichols was third and Mosiman was fourth ahead of Shimoda, Forkner and Max Vohland. In the final laps, Lawrence only got faster while Craig began to slow. Nichols passed his teammate in the final laps. Lawrence won with a 10-second lead.

1 Jett Lawrence
2 Colt Nichols
3 Christian Craig
4 Michael Mosiman
5 Jo Shimoda
6 Austin Forkner
7 Mitchell Oldenburg
8 Max Vohland
9 Joshua Osby
10 John Short
11 Thomas Do
12 Jeremy Hand
13 Hunter Sayles
14 Luke Neese
15 Grant Harlan
16 Joshua Varize
17 RJ Hampshire
18 Logan Karnow
19 Dylan Woodcock
20 Devin Simonson
21 Curren Thurman
22 TJ Albright


Adam Cianciarulo was back to his fast-qualifying ways at H2. Photo: Travis Fant

1 Adam Cianciarulo 41.797
2 Chase Sexton 41.904
3 Zach Osborne 41.989
4 Malcolm Stewart 42.125
5 Ken Roczen 42.130
6 Dylan Ferrandis 42.260
7 Eli Tomac 42.415
8 Marvin Musquin 42.422
9 Justin Barcia 42.441
10 Justin Brayton 42.459
11 Cooper Webb 42.663
12 Jason Anderson 42.712
13 Benny Bloss 42.783
14 Joey Savatgy 42.852
15 Dean Wilson 42.911
16 Vince Friese 42.950
17 Aaron Plessinger 43.053
18 Martin Davalos 43.071
19 Broc Tickle 43.361
20 Kyle Chisholm 43.545
21 Brandon Hartranft 43.675
22 Justin Bogle 43.750
23 Fredrik Noren 43.950
24 Adam Enticknap 44.043
25 Alex Ray 44.179
26 Cade Clason 44.416
27 Justin Starling 44.574
28 Aj Catanzaro 44.629
29 Austin Politelli 44.634
30 Jeremy Smith 44.919
31 Carlen Gardner 44.966
32 Justin Rodbell 45.082
33 Ronnie Stewart 45.232
34 Nick Schmidt 45.255
35 Ludovic Macler 45.365
36 Scott Champion 45.467
37 Joan Cros 45.668
38 Deven Raper 45.916
39 Theodore Pauli 46.020
40 Vann Martin 46.101
41 Chris Howell 46.295
42 Mason Kerr 46.343
43 Scotty Wennerstrom 46.469
44 Bobby Piazza 46.751
45 Joshua Greco 46.771
46 Carter Stephenson 46.859
47 Aaron Leininger 49.178


Christian Craig is just as fast as he was last Saturday. Photo by Travis Fant.


1 Christian Craig 42.138
2 Colt Nichols 42.151
3 Jett Lawrence 42.290
4 Michael Mosiman 42.744
5 Rj Hampshire 42.747
6 Austin Forkner 42.808
7 Jo Shimoda 42.951
8 Mitchell Oldenburg 43.405
9 Joshua Osby 43.948
10 Thomas Do 44.054
11 Max Vohland 44.353
12 Logan Karnow 44.478
13 Curren Thurman 44.571
14 Hunter Sayles 44.643
15 John Short 44.661
16 Kevin Moranz 44.675
17 Joshua Varize 44.741
18 Grant Harlan 44.825
19 Wilson Fleming 44.856
20 Hunter Schlosser 44.938
21 Jeremy Hand 44.959
22 Max Miller 45.170
23 Luke Neese 45.192
24 Devin Harriman 45.284
25 Devin Simonson 45.422
26 Lane Shaw 45.566
27 Dylan Woodcock 45.790
28 Tj Albright 45.874
29 Lorenzo Camporese 45.936
30 Alexander Nagy 46.056
31 Carter Gordon 46.499
32 Maxwell Sanford 47.096
33 Austin Cozadd 47.144
34 Jonah Geistler 47.183
35 Chad Saultz 47.276
36 Guillaume St-Cyr 47.552
37 Vincent Murphy 48.094
38 Rene Garcia 48.686



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