On this week’s Project Bike Spotlight we give you an inside look at our Hot Cams RM-Z 270 build. The stock RM-Z 250 is known for its great handling but mediocre power-plant so we tried to get more performance out of the Suzuki. We packed Thumper Theater with four different custom projects for your viewing pleasure and check out the exclusive link to our Honda two-stroke build at the bottom of this post!

Race Tech turned the KYB PSF2 into a conventional single-spring fork, this eliminated the use of air altogether. They also added a Gold Valve and re-valved our shock for the specific application. 

We bolted on the Cylinder Works 3mm bore kit, this included a cylinder, forged Vertex piston and all the gaskets needed. This kit bolted onto the OEM cases and head without any modifications. 

Stage 2 Hot Cams were installed to help with the power output and are specifically designed for engines with modified and high-flow exhausts like the FMF 4.1. We also put a Hinson Billetproof clutch with stiffer springs for more positive engagement.

This build has a host of bolt on items from companies like Works Connection, Motoseat, Motion Pro, Cycra, Supersprox, Uni Filter and Tusk Off-road. They all either provided protection, enhanced performance or added to the overall bling factor, and it was all topped off by a semi-custom graphics kit from Decal Works

We used an FMF complete Titanium 4.1 system helped the big-bore breathe, it’s also a very light exhaust and helped us cut some weight.


If you like the RM-Z 270 build featured on this week’s Project Bike Spotlight check out this 1986 Honda CR250R by clicking  HERE or the photo below.

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