The 2009 Honda CRF450R is a marvel of sophistication, but imperfect. In stock form, the throttle response is instantaneous, even abrupt. Then it settles into level acceleration that’s so smooth, it’s difficult to make the bike bark when you need it.
      The good news is that it can be changed. The CRF450R’s new EFI system is infinitely adjustable. Honda’s programming kit allows you to change the mixture and different combinations of throttle opening and rpm, as well as change the spark advance. In a future issue of Dirt Bike, we’ll do an extensive evaluation of Honda’s hardware and software, but for now, we want to pass on our favorite map. Honda’s Dave Berger turned us on to this map. It only affects small throttle openings at low to medium rpm. On the track, the abrupt on/off switch is gone at the bottom. Instead, it comes on smoothly and saves the hit for later. That gives the bike more spring in its step when you need it. Every test rider liked the bike better with this mapping. If you don’t, it’s easy to go back to stock.
      You can download the map here; the cost is nothing. Even though very few riders will actually purchase the kit, most shops should have it, so at this point we’ll leave it to you to negotiate with someone who can install it for you.

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