Story and photos: Shan Moore
Ruy Barbosa: “Today was a really different day because all last night and this morning it was raining. I was just smart with the lines and got a good gap on the guys. I was on a 250 but I fight with the bike and I fight with the track and I get a good time and I win. I was riding really smart on the bike.”


FMF/KTM’s Johnny Girroir wrapped up the US Sprint Enduro Series Championship Presented by Moose Racing in the Pro class two races early with a second overall finish at this weekend’s Promised Land MX US Sprint Enduro, round six of the US Sprint Enduro Series in Oldtown, Maryland, however, it was Chile’s Ruy Barbosa who took the overall win on his Phoenix Racing Honda in very difficult conditions.

During the two-day event, Saturday was a free-for-all, as four riders went into the final test with a legitimate chance to win the day but it was RPM Racing’s Angus Riordan who came from behind to take the victory by .6 seconds over Phoenix Honda Racing’s Cody Barnes, both Pro 2 riders – quite different circumstances from the previous race. At the previous race in Virginia, Riordan held a 12-second lead going into the final test and threw it away when he took a nasty crash. This weekend, he entered Saturday’s final test trailing Barnes by four seconds but emerged the victor by .6 seconds. Four riders stood within five seconds of each other entering the final test.

Johnny Girroir: “It’s good to get the title out of the way,” said Girroir. “I was probably riding a little too cautious in the beginning. The title is the main objective, and we got that. It feels good to get it wrapped up and I can relax tomorrow. It looks like it’s gonna be muddy.”


Rain all night and through the morning left Sunday’s course a slippery mess forcing the day to be shortened to four tests instead of six. Current Pro-class points leader, FMF/KTM’s Johnny Girroir, was fourth overall on Saturday, but first Pro rider and that was more than enough to wrap up the series title. Girroir was second on Sunday, followed by Riordan and Barnes. On Sunday, Barbosa won three of the four tests (two cross tests and one enduro test), to take the day win plus the overall win for the weekend, not to mention winning the Pro 2 division. Overall, the order was Barbosa first overall, with Girroir in second, Riordon in third and Barnes in fourth. Husqvarna rider Gavin Simon was fifth overall and top ProAm rider. The next four riders were ProAm riders, Jason Tino (Hsq), Precision Offroad Racing’s Dominik Morse, Cole Forbes (KTM) and Tyler Braniff (Yam).


Angus Riordan: “The final enduro course was getting really rutted and it was really rocky with a lot of exposed roots and in that last time through I just slowed it up a bit and rode smooth and I think I actually went faster. I just got outside of the main lines and tried to square everything up and be smooth.”


Cody Barns had another strong finish on is Phoenix Honda, finishing 4th overall.



  1. Ruy Barbosa (Hon)
  2. Johnny Girroir (KTM)
  3. Angus Riordon (KTM)
  4. Cody Barnes (Hon)
  5. Gavin Simon (Hsq)
  6. Jason Tino (Hsq)
  7. Dominik Morse (Hsq)
  8. Cole Forbes (KTM)
  9. Tyler Braniff (Yam)
  10. Sam Forrester (Hsq)

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