On this week’s Two-Stroke Tuesday we get an update on our “Ping King” 1990 Honda CR500 project being done by mXrevival. Charles tells everyone in his own words below about the latest progress and he even has a couple videos at the bottom of this post showing the actual process of restoring this beast. We can’t wait to see this project finished !

With the big bad Ping King build back underway, two of my very crucial next steps were to start restoring the swingarm & OEM hardware.  After all, the likelihood of finding either of those things for a 1990 CR500 nowadays is a long shot!
The hardware on Ping king was in many ways, roached! I got to work straight away by removing scale in a variety of ways & for a variety of reasons. Everything from Pryme MX cleaning wheels, to dry blasting & vapor blasting are used in the “prep-phase”.  And once I get the hardware down to raw steel, I bust out a little moto-nerd math & electrify the parts, transfering a brand new coat of zinc hardware onto them.

If you like carbon fiber… You’ll be seeing a few hand made, one-off pieces of it on Ping King as the build marches forward.

Ping King’s swingarm was in pretty good shape, especially for it’s age, but it just wasn’t perfect. So I penciled in some time for it inside our vapor blasting cabinet. But you can’t just throw these suckers into the cabinet without first stripping the factory anodizing.

Striiping the old ano is simple, and simply requires a lye bath to “reveal” it’s darkside. Once it rears it’s ugly head, it’s safe to plug & strip inside the vapor blasting cabinet.

Here’s a preview of some other vapor blasted CR500 bits, so stay tuned to see this swingarm fully restored & buttoned up back inside Ping Kings gorgeous factory white frame.

If you like to wrench too, make sure to check out the mXrevival YouTube channel for start-to-finish how-to videos on these exact restoration topics in today’s Two Stroke Tuesday!


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