?-hlins 85cc MX Cartridge Kit

Öhlins 85cc MX Cartridge Kit

Öhlins proudly presents the newest member of the MX cartridge family… the 85cc Cartridge Kit. Rear shocks have been around for a while now but the new junior Cartridge Kit completes the front end product strategy for the MX segment. The Kit is based on the design and experience gained from the powerful and popular Cartridge Kit for the bigger MX bikes but it does not hold a TTX design as the outer tubes are smaller but it features the well proven hydraulic stop design for bottoming resistance. Despite that fact the new 85cc Cartridge Kit is pressurized, which means that the damping response is much quicker and the dynamic behaviour is superior to standard, non-pressurized systems on the market.
This Kit is the perfect product for all talented, young riders that want to make a serious attempt to climb up on the result boards in national elite classes. Concerning installation and service the new Kit is a real treat for the average, handy mechanic. The principal is just the same as the big brother in the Cartridge Kit family… just pull out the original inserts and pop in the new Kit. If you can change springs on your bike you can for sure install the new kit as well.

Pressurized Damping System

Compression & Rebound Adjusters

Wide range of spring rates (due to big differences in rider weight)

22mm main piston

8 mm piston rod

Easy to install and service

Also fits the Honda CRF 150cc


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