You might not know the name Helix, but we are almost positive you have used one of their products. We take a look at three popular Helix items that are probably at your local shop right now.

STAINLESS STEEL EXHAUST SPRINGS: Helix Racing Products’ swivel-hook exhaust springs are constructed of tempered 302 stainless steel for durability and come in packs of two. This type of spring is available in 13 different lengths, raging in size from 38mm up to 100mm. The swivel hook is designed for easy installation and to fit a wide variety of applications.
Price: $19.35

5-IN-1: Helix’s 5-in-1 fuel additive features proprietary formulation of complex organic compounds developed primarily to eliminate moisture contamination in fuels. Made with additives to improve the cleaning effect and cold-temperature operation, increase lubricity and shelf life of the fuel, and modify the fuel itself to increase atomization and improve the fuel/energy conversion process.
Price: $10.49

EXHAUST WRAP: Available in 1- or 2-inch-wide and 25- or 50-foot-long packages. The bronze-cloth exhaust wrap uses fiberglass to insulate, keeping higher temperatures inside the pipe and allowing for a more complete fuel burn with a maximum operating temperature rating of 1200 degrees Fahrenheit.
Price: Starting at $38.82

For more on Helix Racing Products, go to www.helixracingproduct.com or www.helix5in1.com.


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