A 500cc Gas Gas motocross bike, no way, thats not possible! Charles from mxRevival and Riley at BRC Racing Canada; “Here hold my beer!” Just when we think we have seen it all, something comes along that surprises us and makes us just stand back and enjoy the finished product. On this week’s Two-Stroke Tuesday Charles gives everyone the first look at his completed Gas Gas MC500 appropriately named “HELFYRE”. Below are some words and images directly from the builder himself.

What started out as a meek MC250 has now fully transformed into a massive MC500 using one of BRC racing’s incredible 500cc drop-in engine kits.

What’s really special about this conversion, in our case, (and aside from you guys being able to win it) is that we were able to not only double the engine displacement- but the BRC kit also allowed us to keep a counter-balance & exhaust valve equipped engine, and add electric start to this once “kick-only” Gas Gas model.
Just look at the size of that engine! It took up every last bit of real estate the Gas Gas chassis had to offer.


With big power, it’s not a bad idea to upgrade your suspension, brakes & drive too. We made sure to reach out to Brandon at AHM Factory Services for our air-fork delete on HELFYRE. Brandon not only custom anodized the stock fork tubes & shock body gold, but they also DLC coated all of our lower shafts. Perhaps most importantly, AHM fully converted the guts of these once AER air forks with the holy grail of suspension internals – complete Yamaha KYB / SSS components now take the place of the not-so-loved air cartridge. Good riddance!
The boys at Dirt Tricks supplied their super trick black zinc’d rotors, as well as one of their indestructible “Elite Kits” comprised of chain & front / rear sprockets. A must when you’re talking 500 power!
Tony at Elite Moto Factory made sure your front sprocket ain’t coming off either with a little Factory Sauce!

DeCal Works absolutely crushed it in the looks department.

They hooked mXrevival up with a custom seat cover, never before seen decal for FMF pipes (that you guys can get now too!) and not one – but TWO completely different sets of plastics and graphics for HELFYRE.
We made one set to taunt Justin Barcia into riding this beast (he still hasn’t called us back) & we’re calling the second, all red kit “HELMODE”.
Of course, building a $35,000 dirt bike means that there are literally countless details we can’t cover here.
So be sure to check out the latest mXrevival YouTube video for the full HELFYRE reveal. We give away MX parts in every single episode.
You can also enter to win HELFYRE via www.mXrevival.com.
Wrapping up, stay tuned for an upcoming article on HELFYRE in Dirt Bike Magazine! And don’t let us catch you slippin’ without a subscription either!
We might have to make that a mandatory requirement to win HELFYRE.
Huge “thank you” to all who support & best of luck to Dirt Bike Mag’s amazing readers & subscribers!
-Charles // mXrevival



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