“I’m just glad it was only four laps!” Ryan Villopoto didn’t look at all tired after leading the entire Throttle Syndicate All-Star 125 race. But he played the part graciously.  It was an exhibition held prior to the opening round of the 2019 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross series, and he looked like the Villopoto of old: fast and fit. “I’m just glad that now I get to sit back and watch the big boys. The track should get pretty good!”  For extended coverage of Hangtown 2019, click here

Villopoto’s bike was prepared by Pro Circuit and appeared to be very fast.

The 125 race is a fan favorite because two-strokes always generate interest. When you put one of motocross’s true legends on one, it’s an automatic hit. Villopoto took the holeshot and led every lap of the short race, but it wasn’t a runaway. Last year’s 125 champ Robbie Wageman was there and riding well. He had to pass several riders to get into second place, but there wasn’t enough time for him to make up ground on Villopoto. At the checkered flag, Wageman was close enough to earn a little respect: he’s just 20 year old and starting a career while Villopoto is 30 and starting over. Third place was Brandon Ray, followed by Wyatt Mattson and Carter Dubach.


Robbie Wageman was the reigning 125 Champ. He was second.
Carter Dubach is the son of former Supercross winner Doug Dubach. He was fifth.
Brandon Ray rounded out the podium in third.


1 Ryan Villopoto (Yam)
2. Robbie Wageman (Yam)
3. Brandon Ray (KTM)
4. Wyatt Mattson (Hus)
5. Carter Dubach (Yam)
6. Tyler DuCray (KTM)
7. Angus Riordan (KTM)
8. Cole Barbieri(Suz)
9. Dennis Stapleton (Hus)
10. Ty Freehill (Yam)


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