Greenger came onto the off-road motorcycle scene a couple of years ago with their G2 electric collaboration with Honda. This machine was targeting the XR50/CRF50 recreational-user crowd with kids just getting into the sport. The bike got good reviews, but it was too small and lacked power for the older kids who eventually ended up riding them and, naturally, breaking them. Fast-forward to now and Greenger has introduced (with no ties to Honda at all) the G3 model that is designed to target the 110 pit bike crowd.

Let’s face it, the biggest downfall to the 110 pit bike craze are the noise levels after the bikes are highly modified to give them enough power to actually be fun. Studies have shown that people just don’t like noise in general, and repetitive noise turns otherwise normal people into Kens and Karens who call cops on kids just having fun.

The all-new Greenger G3 eliminates the noise factor and has design traits of multiple manufacturers’ 110 pit bike models. Here are some highlights of the Greenger G3 specifications:

  • 72V-BLDC motor with inner motor.
  • 47-mph max speed
  • Three separate drive modes: 15-mph max, 30-mph max, 47-mph max
  • Charging time 100%: STD, 3.5 hours, quick charge, 2.5 hours
  • Run-time: Mode 1, 5 hours; Mode 2, 1.8 hours Mode 3, 48 minutes
  • Suspension travel: front, 122mm; rear, 155mm
  • Tire size: front, 80/100-12; rear: 60/100-14
  • Wheelbase: 1070mm
  • Seat height: 680mm
  • Ground clearance: 200mm
  • Weight: 154 pounds

Greenger took the years of feedback from the gas powered OEM pit bikes on the market, then took into consideration what types of products the aftermarket companies produced as performance parts and designed the Greenger G3 around that. Our first thought when seeing the bike in person was that it was overbuilt for the application and going to be too heavy to get out of its own way.

greenger did a great job designing the g3
Greenger did a great job designing the G3, and except for a couple of minor design changes, we wouldn’t have much to gripe about.
the seat can be removed easily with a key to allow easy battery change access if needed
The seat can be removed easily with a key to allow easy battery-change access if needed.
the greenger g3 is built to last with capable suspension drivetrain components
The Greenger G3 is built to last with capable suspension, drivetrain components, a disc-brake system and power to fit a variety of skill levels.

We were wrong on just about every level! Is the G3 perfect? No, it had some issues that we found during testing. Adjusting the handlebars is one of those issues. The mounts look like most modern motorcycles we are used to, but each bolt goes all the way through the top clamp with a locking nut underneath the top clamp, so you have to essentially take the mounts off to just the bars. It’s not easy to adjust the bars into the correct position when everything is loose, so this makes a one-person job into a two-person job. Another interesting thing we found while adjusting the chain is that Greenger uses a lock nut and adjustment bolt with 13mm heads. The 13mm wrench size and swingarm opening for chain adjustments allow you 1/8th of a turn before having to reposition the wrench, so chain adjustments take a long time.

During testing, the Greenger has been tortured on the track, on the trails and doing jumps at the local kids’ hangouts, which we can guarantee the Greenger engineers didn’t take into consideration, but it passed with flying colors. Naturally, it has hit the dirt a few times, and we experienced the occasional bent bars, broken throttle tubes and a broken rear fender, but the nice part is, Greenger had all the parts in stock at their California location, so downtime was kept to a minimum.

Overall, we came away impressed with the Greenger G3’s performance, durability and ability to conform to a variety of different users’ skill levels. If you are looking for a quiet alternative to the 110cc gas-powered machines on the market today, we highly recommend giving the Greenger G3 a look at a dealer near you.

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