By John Basher

125 Class
Patrick Caps took the lead on lap 7 and held on it to finish first on the densely moist German circuit. Current points leader Mickael Maschio continued to be consistent with a second place finish. Mickael is completing the GP’s on the works version of the all-new 2003 KX125. Third went to Philippe Dupasquier.

125 Results
1. Patrick Caps…KTM
2. Mickael Maschio…Kaw
3. Philippe Dupasquier…KTM
4. Ben Townley…KTM
5. Alessandro Puzar…Hus

250 Class
The 250 division saw the most exciting racing of the season, as current world champion Mickael Pichon went down on the start (as did Fredric Bolley and Alessio Chiodi). James Dobb holeshot and was being chased by 250 class rookie Kenneth Gundersen. In sight of the finish line, Dobb lost his front wheel, handing the win to Gundersen. Gundersen’s win gave Norway its first ever 250 GP win. Second went to Joshua Coppins, with Pit Beirer finishing third. Dobb got up to finish fourth.

250 Results
1. Kenneth Gundersen…Kaw
2. Joshua Coppins…Hon
3. Pit Beirer…Hon
4. James Dobb…KTM
5.Jussi Vehvilainen…Hon

500 Class
This class started off quickly with a four rider breakaway battle for the lead (Stefan Everts, Yves Demaria, Andrea Bartolini and Marniq Bervoets). Yves Demaria was leading, but had gearbox problems and dropped off the pace. Everts grabbed the lead, and despite a strong willed Bervoets, won his 51st GP. This puts Everts in the record books as the winningest GP racer ever. Bervoets finished second, with Bartolini finishing third. Points leader Joel Smets had a big get off in practice and finished a disappointing sixth in Germany.

500 Results
1. Stefan Everts…Yam
2. Marnicq Bervoet…Yam
3. Andrea Bartolini…Hon
4. Yves Demaria…KTM
5. Javier Garcia Vico…KTM


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