GOLD VALVE KITS 2014 KX 85/100


2014 KX85/100 Settings Now Available

Race Tech has recently released Gold Valve Kits for the 2014 KX85 and KX100. For 2014,  Kawasaki completely transformed these mini models to look much like the larger KX steeds, but not many suspension modifications were made by the factory.  Kawasaki has used the same fork design since 1996 and most mini riders complain of a harsh initial feel and bottoming out too easily. Like many mini bikes, the forks contain lower cost components that can drastically benefit from upgrades.

RT Hi-Performance Fork and Shock Springs

The first step to a properly handling bike is selecting a proper spring rate; especially on mini bikes where the rider makes up a larger percentage of the combined bike and rider combined weight. Race Tech’s Hi-Performance Fork and Shock Springs are extremely lightweight with the tightest tolerances in the industry. Each spring is heat treated, shot-peened, and preset to prevent sacking out.

Retail Price: $114.99-$119.99


Fork Gold Valve Kit

The next step beyond proper rate springs is a personalized valving setup to customize your bikes suspension for you.  By  improving flow and allowing the shim stack to control damping, Race Tech’s Gold Valve Fork Kit eliminates the harsh initial feel of the stock forks, provides excellent bottoming resistance, and greatly improves traction.  

Gold Valve Kits include complete instructions, Gold Valve Pistons, Valving Charts, and Valving Shims. Most also include the ‘Technical Edge Fork Maintenance and Gold Valve Installation Video.’

ForkType 1 Gold Valve Kit Part Number: SMGV 3601

Retail Price: $169.99


G3-LD Shock Gold Valve Kit

The new 2014 KX85/100 received a couple of nice upgrades from the factory with a coated shock body and handy compression adjuster.  The coated shock body helps eliminate oil contamination and reduces fading.  In addition to providing a plush initial feel, drastically improved bottoming resistance and great traction, Gold Valves also make adjusters extremely effective adding great tunability.

Part Number: SMGV3609

Retail Price: $169.99



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