GNCC – Washington, GA: Kanney and Knight Finish on the Podium at Round 2

Washington, GA – Red Bull KTM riders Nathan Kanney and David Knight both finished on the podium at the second round of the GNCC Series. 

With clear skies and a nice race course it was a perfect day of racing for the two Red Bull KTM teammates, Knight and Kanney. Kanney started the day strong coming around the first turn in about 7th but Knight would have more work to do as he rounded the first turn near last. 

Kanney quickly charged forward and gained the lead. Knight used the first few laps to pick off riders and break into the top five. On lap 3 Kanney lost his lead to the hard charging Charlie Mullins. Despite dropping to second, Kanney stayed close to Mullins and the two battled through the end of the event. Knight worked his way up into 3rd after the halfway mark and tried his best to catch the leaders. In the end, Knight decided it was best to play it safe and ensure a podium finish in order to secure his overall points lead. ‘I didn’t want to push too hard to catch them at the end and risk a crash that would set me back,’ commented Knight. He continued, ‘I’m happy with my result today and I am happy that my teammate is up here with me.’  

The finishing order was Mullins with the win followed by Kanney who stayed within 20 seconds of him through the end of the race and Knight a little over a minute back in third. 

In the XC-2 class Red Bull KTM rider Justin Williamson had a great start. He came around the first turn in second and was running a good pace on the first lap until he came upon a mud hole. The defending champ charged through the mud hole that ended up being more tacky and deep than he thought. He immediately got stuck and had to begin digging his way out as the pack charged by him. He eventually recovered and was back on course after losing over a minute’s time in the mud. By this time some of the other classes had started to pass by him which resulted in him having even more riders to pick through in order to get up front. By the end of the race he was able to move into 14th position. ‘Unfortunately Justin has had some bad luck the first two rounds but it is early in the season and he still has time to turn it around,’ commented Red Bull KTM Off-Road Team Manager Antti Kallonen.

Next Event: March 29-30, 2008 – Morganton, NC – Round 3


Results XC-1 class:

  • 1. C. Mullins
  • 2. N. Kanney – KTM
  • 3. D. Knight – KTM
  • 4. P. Whibley
  • 5. J. Jarrett


Overall XC-1 Points:

  • 1. D. Knight – 51
  • 2. J. Jarrett – 41
  • 3. C. Mullins – 40
  • 4. N. Kanney – 40
  • 5. P. Whibley – 34


Results XC-2 class:

  • 1. Duvall
  • 2. Matusek
  • 3. Gibson
  • 4. Barber – KTM
  • 5. Weisenfels
  • 14. Williamson – KTM


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