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It was a typical Loretta Lynn?s, hot, humid and very rough but the men leading the race are only beginning to be typical.

Jason Raines was first out of the gate with Woodford, Smith, Kiedrowski and Lafferty in tow. Within a couple of miles Lafferty would waist no time and head to the front followed by Raines and Kiedrowski. The threesome set out to prove who was boss and by the end of the second of six laps had over a minute and a half lead on Smith and McLevy. Out front, Lafferty and Raines were going at it exchanging the lead several times while Kiedrowski hung out about 10 seconds back. Lafferty was in for fuel first at the end of the third lap leaving with about a 7 second lead over Raines and Kiedrowski.

As the three battled out front, extending their lead by over four minutes, Smith and Hawk had a battle of their own going for fourth as Smith had to pit an extra time trying to adjust his suspension for the rough conditions. Fred Andrews was also in the pits, but a broken water pump was his problem.

When the leaders started the last lap, Raines was beginning to pull away from Lafferty and Kiedrowski and the two would battle it out for the number runner-up spot. About halfway through that last lap, Lafferty would make a mistake and fall letting Kiedrowski get ahead to claim second.

Raines and Lafferty continue to hold down the top two spots in the point standings as they prepare for the next event in Sparta, KY., on May 5th.

1) Jason Raines                        YAM
2) Mike Keidrowski            SUZ
3) Mike Lafferty                      KTM
4) Rodney Smith                     SUZ
5) Barry Hawk                          YAM
6) Randy Hawkins               YAM
7) Josh McLevy                          HON
8) Chuck Woodford              KAW
9) Cole Calkins                           KAW
10) Robbie Jenks                  YAM


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