Dear Mr. Know-It-All,

This past winter I tore into and rebuilt the motor on my 2002 YZ 250—new rod and main bearings and all-new bearings and seals in the transmission. Had the cylinder re-Nikasiled and added a new piston. It runs great; no noise or vibration. I noticed after servicing the transmission a second time that I am getting specks of metal in the fluid. Is this cause for concern? I have always used Bel Ray 80W Gear Saver.

Jorge, it appears that you take pride in your machine, and, like you, I truly appreciate the YZ250. Here’s the skinny: It is very normal to have some very light specs in your transmission oil. Sharing the space is your clutch assembly, which is in a constant state of on-and-off friction and therefore sheds particulates with regularity. Change the oil often. If your steed does not have a magnetic drain plug, get one. Moose Racing sells them, and they run for around $16. These plugs pick up floaters, and if there are any big chunks, you need to pay attention. Keep an eye on your plates and clutch basket. Age and use will hurt their performance, and as my good friend Rod Bush always told me, “Drive fast and take chances!” 

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