Glen Helen Test Report: 5/14

Well the Dirt Bike boys were out at Glen Helen, the track was in new form (getting ready for the GP) and a whole glug of factory boys were out testing getting ready for the Hangtown National next weekend. Here’s some pics from Wolf’s Nikon showcasing the view, our job and some fun.
Bones, Mitch and Pourcel eyeball the scene.

The big hit.

Tomac in the rhythm section.

Nick Wey looked strong the factory Kawa.

A good place to hitch up your pants…

Anatomy of a third gear tapped 80 footer…

Pro Circuit’s Pourcel spent the entire afternoon testing.

Ryan Dungey rode all-day and put in more laps than anyone in the park.

Millsaps in the rhythm zone.

We tested the Rekluse EXP clutch on the RMX450.

It seems like everyone is taking a punch at Booth.

Ron Lawson testing pipes in one of our fun zones.

Adam doing stoppies.

Charlie Flippin, Adam and Ron pipe testing

The Rekluse EXP clutch on the Suzuki RMX was pure magic.

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