Glen Helen National Outtakes

Glen Helen National Outtakes
Taken from the Wolf’s D3

Mike Alessi making adjustments at the mid point of moto one.

WORCS #1 Bobby Bonds, leg dangling hammers hard prior to his tranny grenading.

Team Honda’s Ashley Fiolek dominated the Women’s race.

Ryan Dungey had to work hard for his win.

Think there were any square edges at Glen Helen?

Justin Barcia may be a rookie, but he has big speed and led a good portion of both 250F motos.

Reedy, resting and sizing up whose in front of him. This was one of the few rest points on the track.

Off-road’s Ricky Dietrich moved all the way to 7th place in moto one before a flat tire on the last lap put him backwards a few slots.

Tommy Searle ran up front in the 250F class in the lead moto. He finished 4-4.

Team KTM off-road’s Justin Soule looked strong in practice, but didn’t make the show

Alessi and Mike Brown take charge. Brownie was impressive (7th overall) considering he’s racing an off-road series.

Mass hysteria. Off the line with the big guys.

Pro Circuit’s Austin Stroupe had a medicore day that was highlighted by a fight after the first start was red flagged.

Villi getting with the program.

This is proper cornering technique.

JCR’s Timmy Weigand holds on for dear life.

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