Glen Helen Raceway in San Bernardino, California hosted the second round of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross series this weekend, and it was Eli Tomac who was in charge. In both motos he took his time to move into the lead, but once out front, his speed made it clear that there was never any doubt.

Eli Tomac had to work for it in both motos. Ken Roczen led for most of moto one. Photos by Ron Lawson.

In the first moto, Ken Roczen led most of the race, apparently riding at full speed. He had taken the lead when Honda teammate Christian Craig went down early. Eli tested him again and again, but when he took over, it was for good. Then Roczen had to deal with Marvin Musquin, who had been lurking in the background for many of those laps. Musquin got by as well, with Jason Anderson finishing in fourth.

Eli broke free in both motos and built up a lead that made it clear he always had something in reserve.

The second moto had Anderson getting the holeshot and braking free of some turn-two carnage. Blake Baggett went down and held up a number of other riders. Tomac picked off riders one at a time and eventually got into the lead late in the race. Anderson held on to second ahead of Musquin, but Roczen had bike trouble that put him in eighth for the moto.

Justin Barcia didn’t make the podium this time with a 6-4 for fourth, but clearly has speed. At the start of the second moto, he was forced to run over Blake Baggett’s downed bike.


1. Eli Tomac (1-1)
2. Marvin Musquin (2-3)
3. Jason Anderson (4-2)
4. Justin Barcia (6-4)
5. Ken Roczen (3-8)
6. Weston Peick (7-5)
7. Blake Baggett (5-9)
8. Phil Nicoletti (10-7)
9. Kyle Chisholm (11-11)
10. Cody Cooper (16-10)
11. Benny Bloss (22-6)
12. Brandon Scharer (14-13)
13. Kyle Cunningham (8-37)
14. Toshiki Tomita (15-15)
15. Ben LaMay (13-17)
16. Bradley Taft (12-18)
17. Dylan Merriam (9-39)
18. Alex Ray (19-12)
19. Cade Autenrieth (20-14)
20. Dare DeMartile (21-16)

Anderson was on his game in moto two. He led for most of the race.
Marvin Musquin is in it for the long haul.
Aaron Plessinger had to deal with energized privateer Gage Schehr, who held the first-lap lead in moto one.


The 250 race was a double win for Aaron Plessinger. In the first moto, he got the lead on lap two, with Zach Osborne close behind. That moto looked like it would go to the flag, but Osborne fell in the late laps, allowing Plessinger to get take the win without pressure. In the second race, it was Alex Martin who lead much of the race. Plessinger passed him, but Osborne, Jeremy Martin and Joey Savatgy were all within a few seconds. Near the end of the race, Osborne went down and dropped to fifth. Jeremy moved past his brother Alex, but that wasn’t enough to keep Alex out of second place in the overall standings. The final result was a points tie between Plessinger and Osborne going into the next round.


1. Aaron Plessinger (1-1)
2. Alex Martin (3-3)
3. Jeremy Martin (5-2)
4. Zach Osborne (2-5)
5. Joey Savatgy (6-4)
6. Justin Cooper (4-7)
7. RJ Hampshire (8-9)
8. Garrett Marchbanks (7-10)
9. Chase Sexton (10-8)
10. Austin Forkner (13-6)
11. Shane McElrath (9-12)
12. Jordon Smith (11-14)
13. Jordan Bailey (14-13)
14. Sean Cantrell (12-15)
15. Justin Hill (17-11)
16. Martin Castelo (16-17)
17. Michael Mosiman (18-18)
18. Dakota Alix (15-37)
19. Brandon Hartranft (35-16)
20. Challen Tennant (38-19)

Alex Martin road an amazing race in moto two, considering he missed the supercross season. He slipped back to third by the end behind Plessinger and brother Jeremy.
Zach Osborne got the official holeshot in moto one, but immediately lost a couple of places. From there, he struggled for the rest of the day, but left Glen Helen still tied for the points lead.
Justin Hill returned to action, but is still trying to find his speed. Here, he locks bars with Enzo Lopes.
Brazilian sensation Enzo Lopes had a rough day.
Robbie Wageman won the Glen Helen two-stroke invitational before the National guys took to the track. Robbie was riding a Dirt Bike Magazine test bike.
Austin Forkner had speed but went down in the first moto, then couldn’t break through to run up front in the second race. He went 13-6 for 10th.



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