Team Montclair Yamaha Dominates!
Ty Davis may have been helicoptered out of last weeks WORCS race because of dehydration, but the Yamaha teamster was back in the saddle and led his team (Terry Fowler, Russ Pearson and Woods) to a convincing win at the Glen Helen 24 hour Race. Second overall went to Team Green Pro Circuit Kawasaki of Esposito, Northruff, Dave Ondas and Grinder) and third to Team Honda who had Johnny Cambell, Steve Hengeveld among their crew. Right now results are en route and we will post much more shortly.

Montclair Yamaha’s Ty Davis put together an incredibly strong team and piloted their Yamaha YZ426 to a convincing win at the Glen Helen 24 Hour Endurance race. The event was very tough, with dust, huge silt beds and huge hills providing substantial obstacles for ‘all’ pilots.

Team Dirt Bike’s KTM 450 MX-C effort was headed by Larry Roeseler, Tom Webb, Mark Tilley, Charlie Morris, Bill Berroth and Danny Gurnsey and while exact results are coming the team definitely won the Open Expert Class and finished in the top six overall.

Team Dirt Bike piloted a brand new KTM450 MX/C to a credible 5th Overall and first Expert. Led by legend Larry Roeseler, the team overcame some early suspension dilemma’s, changed 8 air filters, used 3 rear tires, 2 fronts and one set of brake pads (rear) to their win.

KTM’s Kurt Caselli snared the holeshot and hauled timber for a little over 2 laps. Then an electrical problem surfaced and once remedied they moved back into 2nd place. Unfortunately the machine sucked dirt and the motor got sanded and ruined their chances for a finish.

Team Dirt Bike also fielded a Honda effort which was spearheaded by Bruce Ogilivie, Brent Wallingsford, Bob Ruetten, Gary Jones and DB editor Ron Lawson. They quite handily conquered the Senior class on their Honda XR650.

Team Honda’s Johnny Cambell piloted his Factory XR650 to a third overall. Here’s Johnny on lap one, mired in traffic and just exiting the GP track.

65 Teams made their way to the Glen Helen 24 hour endurance race. Dirt Bike’s Ron Lawson laid out the course, which was later noted as a shade dusty, very versatile and extremely tough once the hills started to break down. It was ten miles in length, used the EVOC center’s pavement, both Glen Helen motocross tracks and some excellent trails-woods and some pretty nasty hills.


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