Girroir: “The tests were longer and there was about a 10-minute transfer between the tests, so it was a bit more challenging. I was on the ground a lot the first two days but I cleaned it up today and only fell once, so I feel good about the win.”



FMF/KTM’s Johnny Girroir topped some of the best sprint racers in the country at the Carolina Adventure World US Sprint Enduro and three-day ISDE East Coast Qualifier, which were held in conjunction with each other this past weekend in Winnsboro, South Carolina, as racers competed in the US Sprint Enduro Series Round 3 while Letter of Intent (LOI) riders attempted to qualify for this year’s International Six Days Enduro, which this year will be held in San Juan, Argentina on November 6-11. The Trophy riders who will eventually compete at Six Days aren’t required to qualify since they are picked on merit, but the event proved a great training event for the top hopefuls who attended. Saturday and Sunday served as round three of the US Sprint Enduro Series, while all three days (adding in Monday’s race) counted as the eastern round of the AMA ISDE Qualifier Series. The two events were scored separately, although series regulars and Letter of Intent (LOI) riders could ride both events.

Consistency paid off for Craig DeLong, including a win in test five on Sunday, earning him second overall.


In the end, Girroir edged out Rockstar Energy Husqvarna’s Craig DeLong by seven seconds for the overall win for Saturday and Sunday’s round of the Sprint Series in very slippery conditions, as rain on Friday and Saturday left the course in rugged condition, forcing several re-routes during the weekend. Then on Monday, Girroir completed the sweep, winning Monday’s ISDE-style race (with transfer trail added in), by beating out DeLong by nearly 28 seconds over the three-day event.

Phoenix Honda’s Ruy Barbosa who led the first half of the day, taking advantage of a later start time in the muddy conditions.


Girroir won three tests, Barbosa won two, and DuVall topped one, giving Girroir Saturday’s win by two seconds ahead of the consistent DeLong, with Roy Barbosa in third, three seconds back. Barbosa also was the top-finishing Pro 2 rider on Saturday.

Duvall: “Yesterday was good, close times all day. I was able to put in a couple test wins. Good start, I won a couple but then it was just pure downhill from there. I was laying on the ground three out of six tests today. I need to eliminate that.”


Coastal Racing GasGas’ Thad DuVall was fourth after winning test five, with Phoenix Honda Racing’s Cody Barnes rounding out the top five and finishing second in the Pro 2 division.

On Sunday, Girroir edged DeLong by five seconds, with Barbosa again finishing third on the day and first in the Pro 2 class. Girroir claimed the overall win, with DeLong a mere five seconds behind in second overall; however, FXR GasGas’ Layne Michael kicked off the day with a big win in test one and then again in test three. A few two-many tip-overs cost Michael a top spot, as Girroir came out on top with Delong, Barbosa, Barbosa’s Phoenix Honda teammate Cody Barnes and DuVall just behind.

Am Pro Yamaha’s Rachel Archer Trail topped ISDE veteran Rachel Gutish (GG)for the win in the Pro Women’s division, while Trail Jesters Racing KTM’s Korie Steede was third.



On Monday, which was the day added for the three-day ISDE Qualifier, there were 40 competitors including LOI rider and the potential Trophy Team riders. Transfer trail was added in for this day, with each rider competing three times on the cross test and three times on the enduro test to simulate an actual ISDE event. Each rider competed three times on the cross test and three times on the enduro test. These times were added into the times the riders accumulated during Saturday and Sunday’s events.

FMF/KTM’s Johnny Girroir was the overall winner for the three-day qualifier event, taking the overall by nearly 28 second ahead of Rockstar Energy Husqvarna’s Craig DeLong and he commented that with the transfer trail, Monday’s event was much tougher.



  1. Johnny Girroir (KTM)
  2. Craig DeLong (Hsq)
  3. Ruy Barbosa (Hon)
  4.  Cody Barnes (Hon)
  5. Thad DuVall (GG)
  6. Angus Riordan (KTM)
  7.  Layne Michael (GG)
  8. Thorn Devlin (GG)
  9.  Domiinick Morse (Hsq)
  10.  Gavin Simon (Hsq)

ISDE Qualifier 3-Day Overall Results
1. Johnny Girroir (KTM)

2. Craig DeLong (Hsq)
3. Thad DuVall (GG)

4. Layne Michael (GG)
5. Thorn Devlin (KTM) LOI
6. Jaden Dahners (Yam) LOI
7. Trevor Maley (KTM) LOI
8. Jhak Walker (GG) LOI
9. Zack Toth (KTM) LOI
10. Hunter Smith (KTM) LOI

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