PRODUCT: Giant Loop has designed a totally new style of tank bag specifically for the hard-to-fit adventure dirt bike. The modern dual-sport bike is based on the off-road/motocross platform, where the seat runs all the way to the gas cap. This is great for the rider but leaves absolutely zero room for any type of normal tank bag. Giant Loop’s Buckin’ Roll design consists of three components, which can be used individually or in any combination: harness, center tool pouch case and pannier pockets. The two 2-liter panniers attached to the radiator louvers on our KTM, while the 2-liter tool pouch rode just behind the gas cap. The harness strapped securely to the frame and shrouds and can be left on the bike when the bags are removed. The bags are made from 22-ounce, vinyl-coated, polyester Bomb Shell fabric and have strong zippers. The panniers are secured with straps and quick-release buckles, while the tool pouch is held in place using two removable webbing straps with aluminum cam-lock buckles. Giant Loop claims the Buckin’ Roll will fit any motorcycle. After mounting ours, we believe them.

POSITIVE: If you’re one of those riders that hates having a bulky tank bag strapped to the front of your seat, Giant Loop’s unique bag system has got you covered. We recently tested a Moose Racing fender bag that we mounted onto the rear of our KTM. We loved having the room to carry our trail gear, but hated trying to swing a leg over the top of it. We almost fell over a couple of times when mounting or dismounting our orange steed. Not a problem with the Buckin’ Roll. Between the three separate bags, we were able to carry a spare tube, tire tools, CO2s, a few snacks, and our wallet and cell phone. If the panniers aren’t needed, they easily come off the harness, leaving only the tool pouch to put keys, a wallet and phone in. The cargo weight rides lower with this system than with a conventional tank or tail bag, making it easier to move the bike from side to side. Once the three bags are stuffed, you’ll probably end up carrying more than you realize.

NEGATIVE: With the panniers mounted to the outside of the shrouds, the width of the bike gets big. On our tighter trails, we experienced a lot of brush-slapping. Mounted on our KTM 500EXC, the tool pouch could be felt while standing.

BOTTOM LINE: If you’re one of those riders that has issues with a conventional tank or tail bag, the Giant Loop Buckin’ Roll system may be the hot ticket. It’s the least intrusive bag going today. It would make a nice addition to a tail bag or backpack, and while the $235 price tag gets your attention, the ability to cover some ground on your machine and carry enough goods to survive without killing the handling of the machine makes the Giant Loop Buckin’ Roll a focused and positive adventure/dual-sport product. o


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