PRODUCT: Gate King is a product that allows you to set the tailgate of a pickup truck at positions between fully closed and fully open. It does this by replacing the support cables with steel mechanisms that have joints and ratchets. When the tailgate is open, small levers are revealed that engage the ratchet on each side. Flip the levers and you can push the tailgate halfway up (or wherever position you chose), and it will stay there. When it’s time to unload, you flip the levers again and the tailgate can be fully opened.

Our take: The Gate King is the next best thing to a long-bed pickup. With motorcycles loaded straight in a medium-sized pickup with a 7-foot box, the rear of the tires will hang over the end of the bed by about 10 inches, prompting you to leave the tailgate down. That can result in lost toolboxes and gear bags. The Gate King allows you to set the tailgate at half mast and prevent that. There are homemade solutions involving tie-down straps and shortened support cables, but they’re sloppy and time-consuming, whereas the Gate King is clean and quick. Bed extenders are also a common solution, but are massive and use up half your bed when not in use. The mounting process for a set of Gate King straps is easy, and construction is solid. Our only complaint is that the levers are small and can be hard to engage properly.

Gate King allows you to set your tailgate halfway up to prevent losing gear on the road.


Bottom line: This is a product that we use on a daily basis and rely upon. We have them on a GMC Canyon, which is not a large truck by any means, and have no trouble carrying three dirt bikes and gear. We highly recommend it.
Price: $228.28

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