You could spend hours gazing at this Every Single Sunday GasGas EC300 that, believe it or not, was not originally built with the goal of being featured in a magazine. The owner/builder of this hard-enduro specialist, Travis Brock of Every Single Sunday, is a popular off-road YouTuber and content producer for who set out to build himself the ultimate dirt bike for his favorite type of riding.

“You can call it hard enduro; you can call it technical trail; you can call it plain stupid,” says Brock. A look at his YouTube page will reveal the types of places and races the Temecula, California, native likes to ride. And, while some of the obstacles he attempts in his videos might qualify as “stupid” by some standards, almost all of his destinations are jaw-dropping. Anywhere the best off-road riding can be found, Travis will pack up and head there. From the rock-scapes of Moab, Utah, to the rainforests of Tillamook, Oregon, or even Canada’s infamous McNutt in British Colombia (Google search “world’s best singletrack” and that video might pop up), Brock has found it, ridden it and recorded the journey.

When you have the coveted job of making your way through the bucket-list destinations of every trail rider’s dreams, you need the right tool for the job. After a few years and multiple Austrian-made 300cc two-strokes, Travis decided to make this 2021 GasGas EC300 the ultimate Every Single Sunday build, complete with his own custom graphics from Awthentik (look closely, those aren’t red bulls), “Because bulls don’t climb rocks; goats do,” Travis says with a smile. He took us through his impressive build, beginning with the reason he opted to start with the 2021 GasGas EC300. 

“I’m a big fan of Austrian brands, but the GasGas presented something the other two bikes didn’t,” Brock said, referring to the Husqvarna and KTM 300cc TPI-fed two-strokes. “The GasGas combines the linkage of the Husky and the aluminum subframe and gearbox of the KTM. That checks all the boxes I was looking for.”

And why the 300cc two-stroke? Well, if you’ve ever ridden one, we don’t have to explain the power distinction. There is also the main reason most professional extreme enduro riders prefer the two-stroke to the four-stroke—less heat.

As good as the stock bikes are right off the showroom floor, there are still a lot of steps towards personalizing a bike for your needs, and in Brock’s case, that meant tractoring up and over pretty much anything and everything—from rocky, dusty desert trails and snow-covered mountainsides, slimy rainforest roots and logs to splashing his way up the middle of a creek. On occasion, he might even be caught on the most perfect chocolate-cake traction, so the Every Single Sunday GasGas EC300 had to be ready for all of it, which meant mods in two main areas—performance and protection.

In the performance department, a high-compression head from RK Tech pumped even more low-end grunt into the already-torquey motor, while an FMF Gnarly and Turbine Core 2.1 exhaust system polished the power and added a spark arrestor. A 7-ounce clutch weight from Blais Racing added extra rotating mass, much like a flywheel weight, for increased traction and an even smoother low-end power curve. As Brock says, “It’s all about that big low-end torque. “

Ever wonder what a working class extreme enduro bike would look like? Well, this Gas Gas 300 built by Travis Brock just might be it.

Big torque calls for big traction, which starts with suspension—a major factor in personalizing a bike of any kind, especially one that needs to keep the wheels pressed into the ground at all times. For this task, Brock enlisted the help of his friends at Schmidt Performance.

“For this setup, we went with the new WP cartridge kit called the Pro 6500 for the forks, and that drops into the stock Xplor fork. So, it goes from the open-chamber system to a closed-chamber system, and we did springs to suit my weight. It’s similar to a KYB conversion, but it’s WP’s in-house system. For the shock, we went through and did a WP bladder kit, as well as a different piston that’s sprung and valved to my weight and style.”

The end product might be the plushest suspension you’ve ever felt, to the point where you might think there is oatmeal instead of fork oil handling the valving. The Every Single Sunday EC300 does the trick of keeping the tread on the terrain so the torque can work its magic.

“When you are smashing rocks and logs, having a bike that is more forgiving and plush is absolutely huge,” says Brock. “At the same time, you want a system that’s going to be able to take multiple impacts, and if you hit something hard enough, you want it to catch you in the bottom half of the stroke so you don’t just blow through it.”

The Pro Moto Billet EVO EXT pegs with Ankle Saver design feature replaceable teeth and are available in variety of colors for just about any machine on the market.

At the ground level, the Every Single Sunday EC300 carries wheels and tires equipped to take big hits and grab the most traction possible. This task is handled by Faster USA with billet hubs and Excel A60 wheels that are strong enough to hold up to abuse from Brock.

Without any sponsorships or brand loyalty to guide his selection (Travis purchases all his own parts with very few inside deals), Brock makes it a point to pick the best combination of parts, even if that means running two different tire brands at once. “I run a Golden Tyre 216AA in the front. In the back, I run the IRC VE33S Gekkota. It’s pretty much my favorite all-around tire. It’s not a full gummy, but it’s pretty soft, has a tall lug on it and uses a good compound.”

In the tires, you will find Nuetech Nitromousses rather than tubes—the platinum up front for the 10–12 psi feel and the plushy rear (so soft it almost feels flat) with two rim locks in order to keep it from spinning. “It’s great, until you try to go fast and make it turn,” says Brock with a laugh.

Aftermarket bolt-on items are a huge part of this build.

When it comes to tackling rugged terrain, it becomes even more important to optimize grip and leverage on the bike. The ProTaper EVO handlebar (Kevin Windham bend) and Fastway EVO EXT pegs fine-tune the rider triangle to Travis’ size and preference, while the Thrill Seekers seat cover and Acerbis X-Grip frame guards provide added grip. “With all that, it gets me locked into the bike so I can get through just about anything,” he adds.

Protection is just as crucial as performance when it comes to hard enduro, and as Travis can attest, “Playing in the rocks, stuff gets destroyed.”

The FMF Gnarly plays double-duty here, with a thicker material than stock holding up better to big hits. The FMF Gnarly is so strong, in fact, that it calls for the use of a Slavens cylinder saver. “What that does is prevent the big hits from the head pipe getting transferred and breaking the exhaust port off of your cylinder,” Brock explained. “It doesn’t happen all the time, but I have seen it happen. That can transfer the impact from a dent to the cylinder and can shear that whole thing off. Slavens Racing makes a billet piece that reinforces the exhaust flange.”

A Voyager GPS unit from Trail Tech is mounted on the anodized orange Xtrig triple clamp and vibration dampening handlebar mounts.

The longer you look at the Every Single Sunday EC300, the more you will notice small details like reinforced parts on the GasGas, such as the tabs that connect the chainguide to the swingarm, which have been replaced by a Bullet Proof Designs billet-aluminum unit. Also from Bullet Proof Designs are radiator guards, an aluminum rear rotor guard and a TPS sensor guard. A plastic Acerbis guard takes care of the front rotor, because as Travis states, “I will not run an aluminum rotor guard on the front. That’s like pulling the e-brake with the front wheel when you get hung up in the rocks.”

Last but not least, Travis runs the Trail Tech Voyager Pro GPS system: “I’ve been running it for the last three years now. I cannot ride without it now. It’s a must-have.”

Every detail is well thought out, and hardly anything is left untouched on the Every Single Sunday GasGas EC300. There are too many parts and accessories to name them all, but for a thorough look at the Every Single Sunday EC300, including step-by-step installation tips, head to Brock’s Instagram @Every_Single_Sunday and look for the ’21 GasGas EC300 to watch the build from start to finish.

From there, head to his YouTube channel to see this beauty in action. With the build only completed in March of this year, the Every Single Sunday GasGas EC300 has already made its way across the western U.S., including Moab, the Pacific Northwest, and, most recently, the Stix and Stones Silver Mountain XC. But, a fair warning to sensitive viewers—videos may contain graphic abuse of this beautiful bike. 

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