GAS GAS 2014

Gas Gas unveils the new range of Enduro for 2014, one of its best kept secrets, with important changes affecting all models and engine displacements. Changes that make big improvements for all the new motorcycles from the Spanish factory, in their continuous product development, focused upon offering the best possible machines for the customers. The new 2014 EC range have been designed, engineered, and manufactured for fun and competition. These are motorcycles that have been thoroughly tested within the confines of intense and maximum competition and have achieved the best results for users: reliability and performance. This is the DNA of a Gas Gas.

The new 2014 EC Racing models have been the focus of the R & D department of Gas Gas Motos, developing a high quality product for customers of the brand. The Racing version is the mainstay of a new range, available in displacements from 125cc 2T and up to the 450cc 4T. As a novelty, it is noteworthy that the four-stroke chassis is made on the same platform, which improves the manufacturing process and the performance resembles that of all Enduro bikes that Gas Gas manufactures.

New Platform
New lighter chassis
The star of these big changes in the two ranges of Gas Gas enduro motorcycles is centered upon the chassis of the cycle. This new chassis, while achieving a significant reduction in weight -two kilograms-, also achieves better stability and a less rigid feel of the bike. With greatly improved geometry and becoming lighter and more maneuverable than its predecessor. To reach this objective, there has been a redesigned aluminum sub-frame culminating in an entirely new structure for the entire Enduro range.



Continuous evolution: function and aesthetics
The basis of the bike is to suit customer needs, and it is improved in many aspects. The user will know the changes by simply placing themselves behind the controls of the new EC. The new handlebar has been developed specifically for Gas Gas with Double Force technology and new machined clamps, together with a smaller display that is easier to read, making the whole set new.

The brake pedal has also been completely redesigned to achieve more effective stopping power and re-positioned on the outside of the chassis, thus improving the riding position and avoiding the problems caused by mud. Meanwhile, the footrests are adjustable, so that the rider can find the best ergonomic position in reference to their specific size.






  The skid plate is another element that has been redesigned for improved engine protection. Thus, the range incorporates a brand-specific integrated skid plate injected of high strength material, which ensures the safeguarding of this whole area.

At the rear of the machine, the side number plates are much more ergonomic and provide an additional air inlet to the filter box to increase the flow of air and thus achieve an increase in engine performance for more power.

Another important aspect that characterizes modernization of the Racing model is the new finish-machining of the hubs, with Excel rims and spokes in black satin. Gas Gas continues to rely on the Nissin brake pump as a differentiator which together with the Galfer Wave disc rotors, the best braking is assured.

In addition, the sprocket has a titanium finish, a handle for the front wheel axle, Progrip grips and Metzeler Six Days tires ensure the most exclusive level of equipment. The new models of the 2014 Enduro range also have a new graphic decorations.

Reiger: the perfect combination for 2014 EC Racing


   Special mention should be made of one of the greatest changes to the 2014 Gas Gas EC Racing models: rear suspension. The result of collaboration with Reiger technicians, and the experience of the official racing team, shock absorbers from the prestigious Dutch firm are mounted upon the full range of Racing models, both 2T and 4T.

Gas Gas technicians have determined that Reiger’s shock absorber with adjustable spring preload, compression and rebound is the best product that can be installed on the EC, and the Reiger developed shock works best for our bikes.

The user can easily notice increased traction in the saddle and more precise tuning settings which can be easily applied to the shock.
Reiger equips a small internal thermostatic device that compensates for the changes in oil viscosity when the shock is hot or cold, in this way, effectiveness is maintained at a maximum level at all times.

We must mention that the front suspension is the handiwork of another brand specialist: Marzocchi. In the Racing range, the fork is 48mm in diameter with a dual pressurized cartridge and new settings. With the Regier shock, this offers greater stability over any terrain and in any situation.

Powerful engines and more progressive performance
With respect to the engine paragraph, the Gas Gas R & D department has worked especially upon the 2-stroke models. Updating and modernizing a range that has starred in great moments in the recent history of Enduro. The 2014 Gas Gas EC enters a new technological dimension with the latest upgrade of their engines, with several improvements that result in an engine much more reliable and powerful.

    For example, the design of the water pump has been modified to not only reduce weight but its volume has been increased to make it more effective, in fact, after adopting the new cylinder of the previous model range, this has been complemented by a new cylinder head with much more fluid thermodynamics. Also, the reed cage is VForce4 mounted on the EC 200 Racing, EC 250 Racing and EC 300 Racing – and obviously also with the electric start versions – help improve the power at the same time softening the power delivery. The EC 125 Racing, the baby of the range, is presented with a new layout and improved power curve that further optimizes the fun of the Gas Gas engine, and also the 125 is highlighted by its handmade exhaust. And while we emphasize the exhaust silencers on all of the company’s range, made by the prestigious firm FMF (except for the EC 250 F and EC 300 F).


Another technical aspect of the collaboration that results in an increase in overall performance is the redesign of the crankshaft, which has been optimized and balanced to reduce engine vibration.
But that’s not all, apart from the engine, the biggest news of the 2014 EC range: the new ignition system also reduces weight and optimizes the crankcase size with a new design, the new cylinder head offers more power across the power curve and a 38mm Keihin PKWS Carburetor delivering more power and a more progressive engine, which features a dual-power ignition map.

Also the wiring loom has been completely renovated, becoming much more stable throughout the system. The adjustments made to the ignition and fuel distribution systems significantly improve engine response in all regimes.
This year the 2014 Gas Gas EC Racing 2T version will also be available with electric start

Improved performance for EC Racing 4T
With respect to models assembled with the 4-stroke engines (EC 250 F Racing, EC 300 F Racing and EC 450 F Racing), these have been thoroughly reviewed and performance has been improved substantially thanks to the contributions from the coach of the brand, Pere Ibanez. We could say to try these brand new motorcycles. The 4T models are now more docile and easy to ride and have taken a step forward in modernization, including best components, such as the full FMF exhaust mounted on the EC 450 F, which makes it a highly competitive bike. The new generation Gas Gas Enduro 4T models share the same chassis as the rest of the range, and it has been also possible to mount a new higher capacity tank – 8.2 liters- enhancing the fuel range.

2014 Gas Gas EC Std – The best school





The new 2014 Gas Gas Enduro standard are available with a 2-stroke engine, and are characterized by their excellent combination of features: handling, comfort and power. Versatile bikes with the fun and ease of use remaining unchanged.

The Gas Gas EC Std have always been the best Enduro bikes for those who are new to the sport or for those seeking an easy bike to ride, but at the same time powerful, reliable, affordable and also having quality components. The standard range of 2014 Gas Gas acquires most of the changes that occurred, except for some minor details and suspension. The forks of the EC 200, 250, 250 E, 300, 300 E and EC 125 Racing also are inverted Marzocchi, Shiver 45mm in diameter, and have a Sachs rear shock, which also has good performance for the riding-style of an ‘entry level rider’.

EC Racing 2014 2T: EC 125 R, EC 200 R, EC 250 R, EC 250E R, EC 300 R, EC 300E R.
EC Racing 2014 4T: EC 250F, EC 300F, EC 450F

EC 2014 Std: EC 200, EC 250, EC 250E, EC 300, EC 300E


• New chassis
• New rear shock Reiger (in Racing range)
• 48mm Marzocchi fork (45mm in Racing 125 and Standard range), new settings
• Side covers that improve the flow to the filter box
• Excel wheel-set with machined hubs
• More ergonomic and effective brake pedal
• Titanium color sprocket

• Handle on front wheel axle
• Tires Metzeler Six Days
• Injection molded SKID PLATE, lighter and more coverage
• Handlebars Gas Gas Double Force
• New digital display

• New machined clamps
• New 8.2  liter tank (model-4T)
• New side number plates
• New graphics

• Evolution of the engine
• New water pump
• Reed valve V-Force4 (in Racing range, except EC 200)
• New exhaust EC 125 Racing
• New power curve EC 125 Racing
• Exhaust FMF (except EC 250 F and EC 300 F)
• Redesign of the crankshaft
• New Ignition
• New crankcase design
• New cylinder head
• Keihin Carburetor PKWS
• Electrical wiring improved

• New clutch cover and clutch cover disks made by aluminum injected

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