PRODUCT: The Galfer oversize Wave rotor kit is designed to improve the front stopping power by increasing the braking surface area. Galfer says that their 270mm Wave kit gains 30 percent more braking contact every tire rotation. The kit is based around the super-light Wave rotor, slotted for a weight savings and made from stainless steel. Included in the kit are a new rotor hanger and Galfer’s 1396 HH ceramic composite brake pads.
POSITIVE: First off, we tested the Galfer oversize Wave rotor kit on the new Honda CRF450R, a machine whose front stopper we feel is pedestrian at best. The kit installed easily—remove the brake caliper and the caliper hanger, replace it with the Galfer unit, and then bolt on the new rotor. Install the pads and hit the track. On the Honda, this proved to be an incredibly worth-it mod! Braking power increased substantially, yet feel and touch were totally retained. We found that we had better control, could one-finger brake and caress the unit, ultimately leading to faster lap times. Every tester, from vet to pro, felt that this was one of the best mods we made to the CRF.
NEGATIVE: Nothing here against the Galfer unit, but the Honda bolt and nut system to cinch the rotor in place was a pain to deal with. There’s little available real estate to get at the nuts, so once installed, a majority of ours were rounded quite nicely by the time they were cinched down tight.
BOTTOM LINE: After testing back to back with a stocker, the difference is amazing. Not one tester came away less than totally impressed with stopping-performance gains with the Galfer super-light oversize Wave rotor and its ability to help enhance the entire ride on the CRF450R.

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