PRODUCT: Fastback boots are a mid-level product from Gaerne, which would make them premium boots from many other makers. The Enduro is a new version that is tailored specifically for off-road riders. The primary difference is a more aggressive sole. This allows a more secure grip for situations where you have to push off with a foot dab. The Fastback Enduros will coexist in the Gaerne line with the SG12 Enduros, which are the company’s top-of-the line off-road boots and carry a price that is over $100 more.

OUR TAKE: If you are familiar with Gaerne boots, you know they are somewhat overbuilt. This is one of the few boots that is still built in Italy with high-quality material. We were already big fans of Fastback motocross boots because they are lighter than the full-protection SG12. The fit is quite similar across the entire line. The Fastback Enduro has a relatively wide toe box compared to other boots, which some riders absolutely love. It makes the boot more comfortable and actually makes shifting a little easier. The main difference that you notice with the Fastbacks is that they’re more flexible than the SG12s, which have more layers of protection built in. That makes for quicker break-in and almost immediate comfort. They also seem easier to put on in the morning. The protection level, consequently, isn’t quite as thorough as the SG12s, which are made for 60-foot Supercross jumps and stadium whoops. As far as the new soles are concerned, they do offer a little better footing. They aren’t overkill, though. The problem with full-size lugs is that they can get hung up on the footpegs and sometimes even get caught on passing terrain when you’re trying to skim the ground in a turn. That doesn’t happen with the Fastback Enduros.

BOTTOM LINE: We’re delighted when any company pays special attention to the off-road market rather than expect motocross products to cover the gap. Fastback Enduro boots are just specialized enough to make off-road riding a little easier without limiting their function. You could wear them for motocross without issue and still get the benefit of a grippier sole for your off-road excursions.
PRICE: $369.99

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