From the desk of•Mike Webb Team Suzuki Off-Road Manager

  To: Tom Webb, Dirt Bike Magazine


Just a quick note, the east coast boys have wrapped up their training camp at Rodney’s and are headed back east. After 6 weeks of boot camp, everybody is ready to get racing.

Training camp has gone well, Charlie [Mullins] has really embraced training, this is the first time he has really been on a structured program and he pushed hard the whole time. We wrapped up the month of sweat with a local nor. Cal D 36 hare scrambles in the sand and Charlie won, followed by Joshua, Paul and Jimmy.

Joshua [Strang] has really stepped up this year, the new 450 fits him so much better than the 2 stk. He throws the thing around like a 125 but uses the power correctly. We took some weight off of him and built some upper body muscle to help on the 450.

We found that Paul [Whibley] is in unreal cardio shape, we have worked on sprint speed with him and finding a good base setting. He will be strong, we just have to get him comfortable and have him just ride and not worry about the little things.

Jimmy [Jarrett] is with out doubt in the best shape of his life, probably for the first time in his life. Our goal was to get him in shape “BEFORE” the season and then let his natural talent take over.

Rodney [Smith] has done a great job with the troops; it’s funny to hear him talk now that he is more on the side of managing a group instead of just worry about getting himself ready.

We have a special guest riding at Florida, #199 himself will be on a team RM250. It should be exciting with Travis, he is a heck of a sand rider and of course an adventure just waiting to happen.

That’s it; I’ll talk to you from Fl.



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