From the desk of Tom Webb 12-11-09

Humm. 14 days until Christmas, great weather (meaning major storms) have just hammered California and for the last three days Team Dirt Bike has been pointed north and throwing snow in the high desert of California. I’m a big believer in spending as little time in the office anytime the weather turns sour, the dirt is gooey and powder layers our trails. Here’s a quick hit of some cool, some fun and tidbit of odd that has scudded into the lives of the dirty minded (not Tiger style mind you!) here at the fabulously lit, always plush and totally over decorated offices of Dirt Bike Magazine.



We recently finished our 450 motocross shootout (sans Suzuki-my brother just got his new RM-Z and is going to start breaking in the mag bikes next week!) and for the final day we tested at LACR’s excellent track. I gathered a bunch of buddies, some old-some fresh and let them have it on a track that brims with sand, big safe leaps and incredible drops. Honestly, it was a hoot.


Mental, piloting his own 505. And yes the springs come straight off Coal Truck. 

Cory Lockwood grabbing air as he heads into the LACR pit.

Mental and Bruce Lockwood performing some key adjustments.

LACR’s Chris Neitzel tested all of the scoots for DB. It was one of his first rides back after an injury.

Kevin Olen is most assuredly a fashion risk.

Tom Burgess stressed the CRF450’s KYB’s on the LACR back track.

Jon Lovette chats with Neitzel. Most likely it concerned Mental and his bullying ways.

Check out this You Tube video. Doug Rowden shot it and it shows Tom Burgess getting tossed on his noggin’ testing our YZ450F.



Brother Mike and I got an invite from the notorious Jerry Bernardo for his last ‘invitational’ trail ride before he heads to Australia with his wife. When I talked to JB two days prior, it was “grim, dust, get there early, relax, I hope it doesn’t suck too bad. Six inches of snow hit the Hesperia hills and weather never got above 34 degrees, the ride had notables like Steve Hengeveld, Nate Kanney, and Tommy Norton along with the normal parasites like myself, Brother Mike and Kato. It turned into a survival run where only 7 riders (out of 17) finished the event. Jerry cooked us Fajitas afterwards and was heard saying, “Copland…one of the greatest FAHQ rides in history. 17 men left…7 returned. The few, the loud, the pristine.”


The infamous Jerry B.

Wolf brought out his Bernardo treasure ‘Clown Roadkill’ for the event.

Tommy Norton shows that fashion is just a slogan if you live in New England.

KTM’s Nate Kanney had a riot in the snow.

Mark ‘Kato’ Kariya piloted a DB Husaberg, and then ate mightily following the epic adventure.



Wow, this has nothing to do with moto, but everything to do with helping the disadvantaged. Glen Helen owner, Bud Feldkamp has put on an Industry Golf Tournament that benefits the High Hopes Brain Injury Foundation. It’s held in Death Valley at the Furnace Creek Golf course which just happens to be the lowest point in the continental United States. I was fortunate enough to get an invitation and played with Bud, his wife, watched Gary Jones punish everything but the golf ball. All in all, a great day for a great cause. Oh, flying there in Bud’s Pilatus single engine turboprop made it a shade more exclusive.


Bud and friends, gathering for a good cause.

We flew into Furnace Creek in Bud’s Pilatus Turbo Prop. It was wicked cool.

Gary Jones hopped in the co-pilot seat for the ride.

Bud’s wife Pam and her partner won the Trophy for the Benefit Tournament.

On Monday of this week the news screamed of ‘storm warnings’ so Mental and I headed up to the mountains when everyone else was hiding from the elements. We parked up at his place in the Tehachapi Mountains and spent the entire day running from the brutal weather. It turned into an 80-mile ride, where we had to gas up in Mojave, circumnavigate the Windmill farm before pointing it back into the hail, sleet and snow at his estate. Brutal, nasty and a total hoot for Mental and Wolf.




Tuesday and Wednesday were slated as workdays, and when Mike Lafferty came into town that’s exactly what they were. We went riding. Junior was in town doing brochure photos for his new Husaberg ride and we got the chance to ride his scoot and pick his brain about the new blue ride. Details? Not a chance, read the March issue of Dirt Bike for a full disclosure.


Lafferty boosting the ‘Berg 450 in the powder.

Even the heroes get stuck once in a while.





I’m probably not supposed to say anything about this, but Dirt Bike (and our sister publication Motocross Action) are having our annual ‘Industry’ ride day at Glen Helen next week. Jody is working on the motocross track, Ron and I have built a good off-road loop and the cast of characters runs the gamete of the dirt bike world. We expect a huge number of factory motocross stars; a horde of off-road efforts like Team JCR, Team Kawasaki Off-road, Team KTM’s Mike Brown, Steve Hengeveld and icons of the industry to get to the Dirt Bike/MXA ride day. All told, nearly 200 notable stars and shakers have signed up! More on this next week.


 I spent some time with Steve Hatch last week and 100% of his efforts are spent helping riders to get better. Not only does he work with some top athletes (Taylor Robert), but his website and DVD series have gotten rave reviews. You might want to think about his DVD series, which centers on riding tips if you’re looking for a good Christmas present. All 4 DVD’s can be purchased at a Holiday price of $99.00 ($17.00 discount) or individually @ $29.00 each!!  Please contact [email protected] 


Here’s a quote from Dick Burleson after a conversation where I told him how good the riding was in California. “I’m so bummed not to be there. Freakin’ winter now. 11 degrees mega snow.” 

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