We always have a number of project bikes going at any given times, but this 2016 Suzuki RM-Z250 more or less fell into our laps. It was used by the guys at Pro Circuit to develop new parts for the Suzuki, and they let us ride it before passing it on to a customer. We actually partnered with Bones to develop the suspension. When it first went together, the settings in the KYB PSF2 fork were kind of a guess, so our favorite Grandpa test rider Pete Murray went out to try different setups. After three days of 100-degree test sessions, Pete and Bones nailed it. The motor went through an amazing transformation, too. It got headwork, Del West Titanium valves, Pro Circuit cams and an RC4 Ti/carbon exhaust. The bike was amazing when they finished. It started off as the slowest and probably the most disappointing bike the our 2016 250F shootout and became a pro-worthy bike. It will be featured in the October print edition of Dirt Bike.



2017 Scorpa 2

Scorpa just released its new range of 2017 trial models. The 2017 models have received several new features and modifications, the result of information obtained through participation in the World Trials Championship.

The 125 cc is the smallest of the Scorpa range. The 125 model has smaller displacement but shares most other features. 

2017 Scorpa 3

The 250 and 300 models are the main showcase of the Scorpa range, and feature Sherco-built motors. The 250 is the favorite of many trial enthusiasts because of its easy-to-ride nature. The 300 is preferred by the professional riders on the international team and is the one that is used in the World Championships and during the most important races. 

2017 new features
New lower chain frame guard
Dual ignition system and reprogrammed CDI
New clutch (diaphragm system)
New clutch master and slave cylinder
Shock absorber R16V
Marzocchi aluminum fork
New 2017 graphics


Beta 125RRS

125 RR-S:
This all new model offers the play rider a small four-stroke motor in a chassis that’s fairly sophisticated. Many of the play bikes on the market are either not legal for the street and/or have suspension that should be left for the street only. The 125 RR-S is a full featured model just like its big brothers, and it sells for $4999.
The 125 RR-S is street legal in all 50 states and has the following features:
  •  Liquid cooled 4 stroke engine:  the engine is manufactured in Italy and offers electric start and a six speed transmission
  •  Low Seat Height: At 35.5″, vertically-challenged riders will appreciate touching the ground.
  •  Locking gas cap & seat: both the gas cap and seat lock while using the same key.
  •  Wheels & swingarm: constructed of aluminum to reduce weight and enhance the look.
  •  Fan Kit: Cooling fan kit included to help keep engine temps cool on hot days.


Destry Endurocross

If you’re going to be in Arizona September 24th for the EnduroCross this is a great way to support Destry Abbott in his battle against Leukemia. There will be a huge, fun DA8 section (150-reserved seats as of right now) and when you purchase your ticket with DA8 you’ll receive a free DA8 t-shirt with every ticket! Purchase them ASAP before they sell out and get your free t-shirts!!! Click here or email [email protected] to order your tickets.



We’ve partnered with Mark at Bermcannon in his personal quest to find the ultimate Baja bike. He found a 2002 Honda XR650R on Craigslist that was already nearly perfect, then started to personalize it. If you don’t know, the XR650R was one of the most specialized dirt bike ever. It was designed and tested by Bruce Ogilvie at American Honda with the express intent of being the ultimate Baja racer. When the developement began, Bruce was obsessed with the goal of beating the Team Green KX500s in the 1000. But before the bike actually reached production, Kawasaki had pulled out of racing in Mexico, leaving the 650R unchallenged. Unfortunately, the bike didn’t do anything else that well, including sales. It was dropped, leaving the bike to go down in cult legend. To this day, Pro Baja teams say the bike is like a trophy truck, and in the fast sections, nothing works as well.


We’ve been busy checking out new riding gear from several different companies this week. We’re very pleased to see that Fox is getting into the off-road market in a big way. The new Instinct off-road boot was actually designed by Taddy Blazusiak. He engineered the prototype sole with a hot knife so that he would have foot grip when he’s dealing with unrideable sections in events like Erzberg.

2016-03-24 FOX taddy -289web 2016-03-24 FOX taddy -1578web

We also like checking out the new gear in video form from Shift and Thor.


See you next week,


Ron Lawson

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