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Riverside, CA – After more than twelve months of testing and development, ODI is proud to announce the launch of the Controlled Flex Technology (CFT) Handlebars.  CFT handlebars feature a lightweight, 6061 aluminum, designed to provide extra flex and comfort.  Building off a stable platform we integrated our patent pending cross bar to provide extra strength without compromising the feel of the bar.

‘Utilizing a rubber elastomeric shock, we’ve been able to control the flex that occurs in the six thousand series aluminum,’ brand manager Kevin Stevens explains. ‘We’ve limited it to 3mm to ensure that in extreme situations like over jumping or crashing, the cross bar actually engages and provides the extra strength needed.’

The design came about after months of testing and working with riders and teams such as L and MC Racing.  Team Co-Owner and King of Supercross Jeremy McGrath has given his stamp of approval and team rider Andrew Short will line up to Anaheim 1 using the new CFT bars.

‘It’s been a great year working with Larry, Jeremy and Andrew and I’m really excited to get these in the hands of the public,’ continued Stevens. ‘We set out to create something unique and innovative as there are a lot of quality handlebars out there.  I think we’ve definitely provided a product that will help improve comfort without compromising things like weight, looks and cost.’

Product Features:

??      6061 Lightweight aluminum

??      Patent Pending Crossbar design utilizes an elastomeric shock to allow bars to flex and provide comfort, but ‘engages’ to provide strength when needed most

??      ‘Oversized’, 1 1/8′ clamp area with 6 bend options now available

??      Includes crossbar pad available in 7 colors

The CFT Handlebars are available now for pre-ordering at a retail price of $119.95 and orders will begin to ship October 29th.  For More information check out or call us at 1-951-786-4755.

ABOUT ODI:  Observe. Design. Innovate.  This is our mission statement.  In everything we do we set out to observe the market place. Through our top athletes, our friends and our own riding experiences we begin to design the products that will answer the unrecognized needs of riders and athletes at all levels.  From there we innovate at every level from design to production, sales and customer service, we are always in the pursuit of improvement.

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