Many race fans consider Fred Andrews move to Enduro racing as shift from Motocross racing, when in reality it was a return “home.” “I actually started in Hare Scrambles as a kid and then went on to MX?The Enduro racing is what I really like to do.” For years, Andrews was the lone defender of the West Virginia GNCC series until Scott Summers came along and helped make it what it is today. Andrews is widely considered to be one of the first MX?ers to come in and beat the Enduro guys at “their own game,” but now the game is his.

There?s no mistaking the satisfaction in Andrews? voice when he talks about his “rookie” year racing Enduro?s, his first race at Ocala, FL in particular. “No one knew who I was. I was parked far away from everything, and on my own. I had a motocross tank so I had to keep stopping for gas but I went on to win.” Andrews? went on to win Blackwater, one of the toughest races on the circuit, and finished 1993 winning the championship, a feat never before accomplished by a first year racer.

When asked about Kawasaki and his new teammate Paul Edmondson, Andrews? had this to say. “I think Kawasaki makes a bike much more suited to Paul?s riding style, and there?s also a lot less pressure here. As for Fred, “Kawasaki has great overall team support. It?s good to see that semi pulling up to races and know that it?s there for Paul and I.” Fred also likes the fact that racing for Team Kawasaki offers more of a family atmosphere than other teams. “My fans can come right into the pits and touch my bike, ask me questions?other teams have their bikes fenced off?”

Which leads us to Andrews? somewhat infamous fan following. “Whenever I race around here (Ohio), there?s always people helping out?down in the mud holes. I think they have as much fun as I do. All my fans know that I?m going to give it everything I?ve got every time out. The meaner and gnarlier the race is, the more fun I have.”


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