The 2022 Lucas oil Pro Motocross season got underway at Fox Raceway on the Pala Indian Reservation  in Southern California this weekend. It was a Honda runaway, with Chase Sexton leading his teammate Ken Roczen in both 450 motos, while Jett Lawrence and Hunter Lawrence did the same thing to the 250 class. The performances that had the crowd most delighted, though, were turned in by Ryan Dungey and Antonio Cairoli. Dungey went 5-5 for 5th, while Cairoli went 10-6 for 7th.

450 MOTO 1

Ken Roczen looked like he never missed a beat this season as he jumped into the lead in 450 moto one. Shane McElrath held second for a number of laps before Chase Sexton got by and set out after his teammate. In the meantime, Ryan Dungey was fifth and Antonio Cairoli was ninth. Jason Anderson was buried in the pack. Eventually Sexton took over the lead, but Ken Roczen stayed close despite a transponder malfunction that made him appear to drop out. Dungy passed Eli Tomac for third at once point, but then Christian Craig passed them both. In the end, the man on the move was Anderson, who closed in to Craig on the final lap, but had to settle for fourth.

Chase Sexton had one of his best days ever on a motorcycle.


  1. Chase Sexton
  2. Ken Roczen
  3. Christian Craig
  4. Jason Anderson
  5. Ryan Dungey
  6. Aaron Plessinger
  7. Eli Tomac
  8. Justin Barcia
  9. Garrett Marchbanks
  10. Antonio Cairoli
  11. Shane McElrath
  12. Josh Gilbert
  13. Benny Bloss
  14. Fredrik Noren
  15. Alex Martin
  16. Brandon Hartranft
  17. Jerry Robin
  18. Felix Lopez
  19. Ryan Surratt
  20. Justin Bogle
  21. Justin Rodbell
  22. Tyler Stepek
  23. Grant Harlan
  24. Bryson Gardner
  25. Tristan Lane
  26. Matthew Hubert
  27. Scott Meshey
  28. Josh Mosiman
  29. Matthew Curler
  30. Jacob Runkles
  31. Keylan Meston
  32. Charlie Putnam
  33. Colby Copp
  34. Richard Taylor
  35. Jackson Gray
  36. Trevor Schmidt
  37. Kyle Greeson
  38. Marshal Weltin
  39. Devin Harriman
  40. Tyler Medaglia
Shane McElrath was near the front, in moto one in his Rockstar Husqvarna factory debut.

450 MOTO 2

Eli Tomac was fast, but not quite his usual self.

The HRC Honda team couldn’t have asked for a better start to the second 450 moto with both their riders out front once more. It was Sexton in front initially, then Roczen steamed by. They would battle the whole moto, but in the end it was once again Sexton taking the win. Ryan Dungey again surprised everyone by hanging out in a solid third place in the first half of the race. Eventually, the Star Yamaha teammates of Eli Tomac and Christian Craig got around him. Ryan would settle into his personal position once again, safely in fifth  and well ahead of Antonio Cairoli. Jason Anderson and Justin Barcia had to come from way behind after going down together in the second turn. In the end, the could only catch up to  eighth and ninth.

Antonio Cairoli got more comfortable as the day went on.
  1. Chase Sexton
  2. Ken Roczen
  3. Christian Craig
  4. Eli Tomac
  5. Ryan Dungey
  6. Antonio Cairoli
  7. Shane McElrath
  8. Jason Anderson
  9. Justin Barcia
  10. Aaron Plessinger
  11. Fredrik Noren
  12. Garrett Marchbanks
  13. Alex Martin
  14. Josh Gilbert
  15. Benny Bloss
  16. Felix Lopez
  17. Ryan Surratt
  18. Marshal Weltin
  19. Scott Meshey
  20. Justin Bogle
  21. Bryson Gardner
  22. Grant Harlan
  23. Matthew Curler
  24. Richard Taylor
  25. Bryce Hammond
  26. Keylan Meston
  27. Kyle Greeson
  28. Justin Rodbell
  29. Devin Harriman
  30. Josh Mosiman
  31. Tyler Stepek
  32. Jackson Gray
  33. Brandon Hartranft
  34. Colby Copp
  35. Matthew Hubert
  36. Trevor Schmidt
  37. Tristan Lane
  38. Charlie Putnam
  39. Jacob Runkles
  40. Jerry Robin

250 MOTO 1 

The first 250 moto got underway with Justin Cooper in front of Jett Lawrence. The two of them pulled a small gap over Seth Hammaker and Hunter Lawrence in the early laps. Then Jett took over and  began to pull away. It took Hunter Lawrence a little while to get going but he eventually moved into second, setting up a Lawrence brother one-two. RJ Hampshire came up from a mediocre start to capture third. Hammaker and Cooper both seemed to suffer from arm pump, dropping back in the late stages.

Jo Shimoda was the top Pro Circuit rider of the day.
  1. Jett Lawrence
  2. Hunter Lawrence
  3. RJ Hampshire
  4. Jo Shimoda
  5. Levi Kitchen
  6. Austin Forkner
  7. Pierce Brown
  8. Seth Hammaker
  9. Michael Mosiman
  10. Stilez Robertson
  11. Justin Cooper
  12. Maximus Vohland
  13. Joshua Varize
  14. Derek Kelley
  15. Derek Drake
  16. Nicholas Romano
  17. Nathanael Thrasher
  18. Dylan Walsh
  19. Josiah Natzke
  20. Matthew Leblanc
  21. Jack Chambers
  22. Lance Kobusch
  23. Brandon Ray
  24. Ty Masterpool
  25. Romain Pape
  26. Jesse Flock
  27. Brayden Lessler
  28. Tyson Johnson
  29. Geran Stapleton
  30. Garrett Hoffman
  31. Wade Brommel
  32. Max Miller
  33. Florian Miot
  34. Christopher Prebula
  35. Noah Viney
  36. Brandon Scharer
  37. Dylan Smith
  38. Hardy Munoz
  39. Cameron Mcadoo
  40. Jalek Swoll


250 MOTO 2

Nick Romano got his first taste of leading a National.

Rookie Nick Romano got the holeshot in moto two and set some blazing laps. Jett Lawrence wasn’t too far behind, though and eventually took over. Then it was Michael Mosiman’s turn to displace Romano for second. After a few more laps, Mosiman made a mistake and lost two places to Jo Shimoda and Hunter Lawrence, who then battled to the checkered flag. On the final lap, Hunter took second place away from Shimoda, making it another Hunter brothers sweep.

  1. Jett Lawrence
  2. Hunter Lawrence
  3. Jo Shimoda
  4. Michael Mosiman
  5. Seth Hammaker
  6. Austin Forkner
  7. Pierce Brown
  8. Levi Kitchen
  9. RJ Hampshire
  10. Maximus Vohland
  11. Stilez Robertson
  12. Nathanael Thrasher
  13. Justin Cooper
  14. Nicholas Romano
  15. Josiah Natzke
  16. Joshua Varize
  17. Matthew Leblanc
  18. Dylan Walsh
  19. Derek Kelley
  20. Lance Kobusch
  21. Hardy Munoz
  22. Brandon Ray
  23. Brayden Lessler
  24. Derek Drake
  25. Romain Pape
  26. Jack Chambers
  27. Max Miller
  28. Tyson Johnson
  29. Tre Fierro
  30. Wade Brommel
  31. Florian Miot
  32. Gavin Brough
  33. Jesse Flock
  34. Jordan Jarvis
  35. Garrett Hoffman
  36. Dylan Smith
  37. Christopher Prebula
  38. Braden Spangle
  39. Noah Viney
  40. Geran Stapleton

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