Foes Racing KLX110/DRZ

Foes Racing KLX110/DRZ


Foes Racing introduces Curnutt XTD Suspension for your KLX 110/DRZ. Curnutt is the leader in Xternal Threshold Damping (XTD) Technology. With patented Anti-Bottoming Control, Foes Curnutt Rear Suspension is the upgrade you need! Curnutt Suspension is the only 110 shock available that will keep frame bob stabilized and make cornering acceleration quicker with patented XTD Technology. Compression pressure builds while slowing shock travel through the compression stroke allowing you to take corners faster, jump farther and land smoother all the while having complete control. Foes Racing is the exclusive source of pure Curnutt Technology. At $495.00 the Foes Curnutt KLX 110/DRZ Rear Suspension is the best bang for your buck on the market today!
Call or log on to Foes to experience the benefit of Foes Quality and exclusive Curnutt XTD Suspension Technology.

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