FMF/KTM Race Report – The Titan GNCC Russell and Forsberg Top Podium

Lafayette, TN – The FMF/KTM Team had an up and down weekend at the eleventh round of the GNCC Series. Up, from the result of two class wins by XC2 rider Kailub Russell and Women’s rider Maria Forsberg but down after Nathan Kanney crashed hard effectively ending his season.

RPM/KTM rider, Forsberg, was up first in the morning Women’s class. In typical fashion, she once again dominated the race. She earned her 10th win this season after crossing the finish line in 1st place 8 minutes ahead of her next closest competitor! Needless to say, Forsberg has secured the Championship in that class after 10 of 11 race wins.

In the XC1 class, teammates Kanney and Buttrick garnered decent starts. Kanney came out around 6th while Buttrick sat around 10th into the first corner. Kanney quickly moved his way up into the top three before having his first crash during the opening lap. He quickly remounted and went to work once again on the top five riders. On the second lap, he suffered another crash on the rocky course. Once again, he recovered – this time in 7th position. It was on the end of the second lap when he suffered a big crash that ended his race. Kanney hit a rock and got thrown over the bars hitting the ground hard and fast. The crash resulted in a broken wrist, ribs and punctured lung. Kanney was taken to the nearest Nashville hospital for further evaluation. It has been determined that he will be out for the remainder of the season.

Back in the racing action, Buttrick was sitting in 6th position and closing in on the top five riders. On the third lap, he was handed 5th position after fellow KTM rider and leader of the first lap, Chris Bach, suffered a crash. Bach would reenter the race with a broken finger to eventually finish 8th overall.

Once in 5th place Buttrick was able to close on 4th place rider Glenn Kearney and made the pass for the position on the fourth lap. Buttrick was able to pass into 3rd with two laps to go after current 3rd place runner, Thaddeus Duvall, crashed and ran off course. Half a lap later, Buttrick made a similar mistake and allowed Duvall to regain the podium position. With just under a lap to go the two riders were batting for the spot when Duvall made the final mistake and Buttrick moved around him. Buttrick would go on to finish 3rd behind the 2nd place ride of Charles Mullins and race winner Joshua Strang.

In the XC2 class, Russell, the current point’s leader and reigning Champion, was given the chance to prove just why he is the top rider in this class. Russell started near last after not being able to start his bike on the line and came up through the pack in an impressive manner. By the second lap, Russell had taken over the lead and never looked back. Russell would go on to take his seventh win this season and finish 5th overall in the combined results. Russell now leads the series by 22 points with two rounds left.

Russell’s younger teammate, Steward Baylor, had the early lead on the the first lap. While in the lead the 16 year-old rider crashed resulting in a broken brake pedal. Baylor returned to the pits to get it repaired and reentered the race in almost dead last. He came through the pack with amazing speed and was able to move up to 4th position. On the final lap, Baylor began to reel in 3rd place rider Jason Thomas. Baylor was all over him on the final section just barely missing out on the podium position. Baylor crossed the line in 4th place just 3 seconds behind Thomas. 

Next Event: Round 12 – St. Clairsville, OH – October 9-10, 2010

Overall Results XC1 Class –
1)Joshua Strang
2)Charles Mullins
3)Cory Buttrick – KTM
4)Thaddeus Duvall
5)Glenn Kearney
6)Barry Hawk
7)Paul Whibley
8)Chris Bach – KTM
9)Shane Obanion – KTM
10)Justin Williamson

Overall Results XC2 Class –
1)Kailub Russell – KTM
2)Jesse Robinson – KTM
3)Jason Thomas
4)Steward Baylor – KTM
5)Scott Watkins
6)Dustin Gibson – KTM
7)Nick Davis – KTM
8)Zach Nolan – KTM
9)John Maschino
10)Brian Lawson

Overall Combined Results (XC1 & XC2) –
1)Joshua Strang
2)Charles Mullins
3)Cory Buttrick – KTM
4)Thaddeus Duvall
5)Kailub Russell – KTM
6)Glenn Kearney
7)Barry Hawk
8)Paul Whibley
9)Jesse Robinson – KTM
10)Jason Thomas

Overall Results Women’s Class –
1)Maria Forsberg – KTM
2)Mandi Mastin
3)Ashley Crouch
4)Leeann Bange
5)Samantha Steiner  – KTM
6)Kelly Hall – KTM 
7)Dawn Silvia – KTM
8)Veronica Martin – KTM
9)Taylor Dressler
10)Sarah Gaffney

Overall XC1 Point Standings –
1)Joshua Strang – 259
2)Charles Mullins – 230
3)Cory Buttrick – 211
4)Paul Whibley – 190
5)Chris Bach – 184

Overall XC2 Point Standings –
1)Kailub Russell – 283
2)Jason Thomas – 261
3)Jesse Robinson – 236
4)Scott Watkins – 205
5)Steward Baylor – 180

Overall Women’s Standings –
1)Maria Forsberg – 160  
2)Mandi Mastin – 152
3)Ashley Crouch – 141
4)Leeann Bange – 141
5)Samantha Steiner – 127


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