FMF/KTM Buck Wild Whiskey Tango Roost Day Review

Anza, CA – A crowd of approximately 60 motorcycle industry folks gathered at Rynoland yesterday afternoon for the FMF/KTM Buck Wild Whiskey Tango Roost Day.
This industry ride day was graced with the presence of many motorcycle celebrities including, multi-time Supercross Champion Jeremy McGrath, Jeff Emig, Danny LaPorte, Kurt Nicoll, Ronnie Renner and the famous custom motorcycle designer Roland Sands. The majority of the day was spent riding the motocross track located at the upper most point of Rynoland with the exception of the Manly Cup which took place during the lunch hour incorporating both the motocross track and the off-road hare scramble course.
The introduction of the first Manly Cup race set this ride day a notch above your typical ride day. The Manly Cup is a race designed for motorcycle magazine editors to pair up with one fast rider and one intermediate level rider to compete in a three-lap team race on the eight minute off-road/motocross course. However, there was one catch. Each rider had to wear a pair of boxer shorts which they would need to trade with their partners before switching bikes. “I’ve never wanted a guy to drop his pants so fast,” commented Sarah Whitmore while waiting for teammate Kyle Lewis to hand over the boxer shorts. 

The winner of the first Manly Cup went to the Cycle World Team of Ryan Dudek, Kurt Nicoll and Shane McCassy. Second place was awarded to the Transworld Motocross team of editor Brendan Lutes, Kyle Lewis and Sarah Whitmore while third place went to the Dirt Rider crew of Jimmy Lewis, Jesse Ziegler and Chris Barrett.

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