At the beginning of 2021, the Flying Machine Factory (FMF) launched FMF Vision. Now that the dust has settled, they give us more information on their flagship goggles.

POWERBOMB: In a relentless pursuit of performance, FMF has been driving the leading edge of technology for 45 years. Known for their American-made exhaust products, FMF has now joined forces with the number-one goggle company in the world. Together FMF and 100% bring a new line of Vision to the goggle world. The Powerbomb leads the way as their premier goggle with a removable nose guard, anti-fog-coated lens and triple-layer moisture face foam to soak up the sweat. The mirror lens model includes a spare clear lens and uses nine retention points to give the Powerbomb a secure fit. Definitely a must-have for style and performance.
Price: $42.50, clear lens; $52.50, mirror lens

POWERCORE: Nothing is lost on their Powercore goggles. This entry-level goggle contains many of the key features of the Powerbomb. Sharing the same lens as the Powerbomb, the Powercore comes with closed-cell foam to keep out fine dust, as well as dual-layer face foam to help manage sweat. With a 40mm-wide silicon-coated strap and an anti-fog-coated polycarbonate lens, the Powercore is a great bet to help keep your vision clear.
Price: $22.50, clear lens; $32.50, mirror lens

YOUTH: FMF recognizes that the groms ride, too, so it makes sense to have youth-specific goggles. Sharing many of the same details as the adult versions, the Powerbomb Youth also comes with triple-layer face foam and a 45mm-wide silicon-coated strap. The Powercore Youth has the dual-layer foam and the 40mm silicon strap to keep everything in place. Both versions share the same lens and tear-offs. FMF Vision for the kiddos, just like their heroes!
Price: Powerbomb Youth: $32.50,  clear lens; $42.50, mirror lens
Powercore Youth: $22.50, clear lens; $32.50, mirror lens

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