We just heard word that FMF might be going racing. We?re not talking about their amateur help involved with getting riders to the top amateur races like Loretta Lynn?s, we?re talking big time. While the race team is not set in stone yet, they are in the final stages of creating a pro team consisting of top amateur riders who have just turned pro and are still wet behind the ears. James Stewart made an easy jump into the pro ranks, but other amateurs might need that extra year to experience the pro scene while not having a tremendous amount of pressure placed on them to do well. This is the concept behind the Don Emler FMF team, to help riders ease into racing pro supercross and motocross. In fact, Don Emler Jr. gave us a call and informed us exactly what the team is looking to do.

“The concept we came up with is to have a team of full amateur kids and they will be on the team as a stepping stone. We don?t plan on them winning, but by gaining valuable experience and finding their pace, they could possibly go get a factory ride the following year. I think without a lot of pressure and helping them get to the races and good support, it would be a lot better for the riders. It?d be a low-key setting for them and also good for sponsors. We just wanted to create something totally different from the norm. I really hope it?ll go through, although I cannot guarantee if the idea will happen. We?ve talked to Jeff Surwall from No Fear, and he thinks it?s a great idea. He?s brought in outside sponsors before, and it?d be great if we could get many different sponsors. As for FMF, it would be a big sponsor, but we want the team made up of a bunch of different sponsors, so it wouldn?t necessarily be Team FMF or something like that. We want to do a four man team for the west coast supercross series and outdoor nationals. Our main goal is to keep the kids on the bikes they were on when they were amateurs. We want a full four stroke team. All of these kids would be guys who?ve grown up with FMF, and we might have a couple different motorcycle brands. We might not have all four brands, but we?ll certainly try. I really cannot name any names right now, but we?ve been looking at riders like Jimmy Nelson and Derek Costella. If we do have the team, it?s going to be done right. It?d be great to have one tent for the riders and another one for the actual public to go into. We?ll set one bike out in the other tent where the public can get an up-close look at the bike and watch the mechanic work on the bike. Also, this will allow the spectators to really see the sponsors of the team. We want to bring a lot of attention to the team and sponsors. Like I said, the point of this team is to get the kids to the next level. We want a really nice rig, but not full blown semi. This is also great for the sponsors because they can showcase their product on different bikes that the riders will ride.”

We?ll let you know soon enough as to whether the team will actually be forming.


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