FMF Power Beverage and Kyle Redmond Join Forces

FMF Power Beverage and Kyle Redmond Join Forces


FMF Power Beverage, the industry’s first all-natural Power Beverage, today announces the signing of Endurocross prodigy and GEICO Powersports rider Kyle Redmond to the FMF Power Beverage team. The addition of Redmond to the growing roster of FMF POWER athletes, which includes BMX legend Ryan Nyquist, furthers FMF Power Beverages commitment to assembling a world-class team to represent its all-natural offerings.


The signing of Redmond in particular is a strategic one, and not solely based on his on-track prowess or his rising star on the Endurocross circuit. Redmond joining the team will be an ongoing performance evaluation in which the company can test the boundaries of both rider and beverage in what is one of the most challenging, physically demanding segments in all of motorsports.


“I couldn’t think of a better way to truly push the limits of FMF Power Beverage,” said Don Emler, Jr. “FMF has such rich heritage in off-road racing, and the launch of our new Power Beverage marks the perfect time to further support some of our existing athletes as they rise to the next level. Kyle Redmond is one of the greatest technical riders in the game, and at only 23 years old, he has already established himself as one to beat.”


Finishing 5th in the 2010 GEICO Endurocross Championship, Kyle Redmond has blazed his own trail in Endurocross, and hence has been no stranger to the podium. Redmond holds a multitude of top finishes, including a 2nd place Indy Endurocross finish, 5th place and top American at Erzberg Enduro, 1st place at Last Dog Standing, and finishing as one of the top Americans at the Red Bull Romaniacs. Through these victories Redmond has solidified his on-track reputation as one of the sport’s stalwarts and most steadfast competitors.


“I am pumped to be riding for FMF Power Beverage because FMF is a great company with so much history in the off-road world,” said Kyle Redmond, FMF POWER rider. “I’ve been working with the FMF team for years, so when FMF Power Beverage came out I knew that I had to do whatever it took to be part of that team. The FMF brand has such a rich heritage and dedication in racing and has always supported the greater off-road community and I can already tell that the mission behind FMF Power Beverage is no different. The whole FMF POWER team is dedicated to creating a true performance beverage for any athlete and I’m proud to be part of that effort,” said Redmond.


On July 31, the X Games will play host to its first ever Enduro X event and Kyle Redmond will proudly represent the FMF Racing and the FMF POWER team there. “I’m really looking forward to the upcoming opening round of the Endurocross series, which coincides with the X Games this year. Live television at an event of this magnitude is truly going to be great for the sport of off-road racing,” said Redmond.


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