FMF Has Your Number!


For over 35 years FMF Racing has been the leader in designing revolutionary exhaust systems.  From the original 2-stroke Fatty Pipe to the 4-stroke PowerBomb header and all new Resonance Chamber muffler, FMF can take credit for ground-breaking innovation and now has the patent number to prove it!

FMF pioneered Bomb Technology about 8 years ago with the PowerBomb and went on to improve on that design with their newest header, the MegaBomb.  FMF’s Bomb Technology works so well in lowering sound decibels while increasing performance that other exhaust manufacturers began to develop similar “bomb” headers of their own.  Well, FMF has now dropped another bomb – patent number 7510050.  

“I’m very proud of our reputation as a technology leader” says Don Emler, FMF’s founder and owner.  “Everyone first thought the PowerBomb was a gimmick but look now, just about anyone making exhaust and even some of the OE manufacturers themselves are attempting to copy our design.”

To be honest, FMF hasn’t lost any sleep over competitors duplicating Bomb Technology.  As the saying goes, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

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