Fly Racing’s Baylor Brothers Fired Up at Bike Week

Bike Week was good to new Team Fly Factory Phenoms Steward and Grant Baylor, whom raced two GNCC events, plus one National Enduro in the same week, and came away with six wins.

At round one of the 2009 GNCC Series, 14-year old Steward raced to the 200A class win and 22nd Overall, while 11-year old Grant won the 12-13 Big Wheel and was 6th Overall in the youth division.

Team Baylor Brothers then drove to Daytona for the Alligator Enduro where Steward placed 1st in 200A and 14th Overall—even after being caught in a forest fire!
States Steward, “There was a fire in the 4th section.  I was one of the last ones to pass through it before the fire trucks got there. When I saw the flames, I knew I probably shouldn’t go through, but it was a race and I had to make a quick decision, so I closed my eyes and twisted the throttle. One of my sponsors said he was glad to hear I was on fire and smoking the competition.”
Next on the Baylor’s list was round two of GNCC Series in Washington, Georgia. Grant won his class again, while Steward dominated the 200A class for 20th Overall.
Fly would like to congratulate Steward and Grant on their fantastic start to the GNCC and Enduro seasons. The Baylor Brothers wear and endorse Fly Racing’s Kinetic and Evolution Racewear, along with its Convertible 2 Hydropack deflector. Welcome to the Fly Family, Team Baylor Brothers!

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