PRODUCT: The Fly Racing Windproof Technical jersey is designed for cooler weather riding, providing maximum wind protection via special materials used in the front chest area and arm panels. The back and arm pits are breathable, the jersey is super light and targets high-intensity cold-weather action sports.

OUR TAKE: We have been using the Fly Racing Windproof Technical jersey for over four years. It’s one of those garments that never leaves our gear bag, as any off-roader knows that weather is mobile and quite fickle. Cold conditions can scud in and change a nice ride day into a miserable experience. The Windproof Technical jersey is light, feels like a regular jersey and wards off frosty air to your arms and entire front (chest to neck). We’ve used it in low 40-degree conditions mated to a base layer, along with a vest, and have been comfortable enough to enjoy the ride and retain the flexibility to move around on the machine. Heavier jackets reduce mobility, and in tough conditions can get you to overheat. With the proper layers, you can work hard, stay warm and not feel overloaded with your gear choice. The Fly Racing Windproof Technical jersey allows you to ride hard, shields the right spots and is one gear choice that we don’t leave home without.
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