Fly Racing, Patrol Jacket & Pants

PRODUCT: Fly Racing’s Patrol jacket and pants are designed to be incredibly versatile. Versatility, convertibility and infinite adjustability are what they offer.


flypeaThe Patrol jacket is constructed using a durable nylon fabric with ballistic-nylon reinforcement panels in both sleeves. The key features are zip-off sleeves; two large tuck-away chest vents; a full back vent that folds into the rear cargo compartment; and pockets that include two lower front cargo, two zippered hand-warmers, two zippered upper chest and one rear cargo. The self-storage jacket can be stored inside the rear cargo compartment when turned inside out and easily carried with the waist-belt attachment. An internal bungee allows the jacket to be cinched tightly to the body, while neoprene cuffs and a collar offer comfortable, secure closures for chilly rides. A ventilated mesh liner aids airflow on warm days. Reflective stripes on the front and back of the jacket increase visibility and safety at night.

The Patrol pant is an excellent companion to the Patrol jacket, with versatility once again taking center stage. This over-the-boot style is extremely popular with dual-sport and adventure riders. It has zip-off lower legs that can be removed without taking your boots off. Six large zippered vents on the front and back of the upper leg allow airflow on hot days. Two zippered cargo pockets offer plenty of room for extra goods. Velcro closures on the cuff and calf keep the pant secure and flap-free. A mesh lining adds comfort and improves airflow when the vents are open. Reflective stripes aid visibility at night.

OUR TAKE: Versatility is an understatement with this jacket/pant combo. They are a true three-season set of riding gear, with all-season capabilities if proper base layering is done. We chose the Flo Orange, because we really wanted to be noticed on the highway sections of our dual-sport and adventure rides. Most of our spring/summer rides start early in the morning, so we can avoid the heat in mid- to late afternoon. First thing in the morning with everything zipped up, this jacket did an outstanding job of keeping the cold away. As the temps started climbing, the multitude of venting options really made it easy to keep the body temps in control. We generally like to wear a vest while riding, even on warm days. The Patrol jacket takes the vest to the next level with the zip-off back panel and the stowaway front panels. We keep the great visibility of the Flo Orange color while having the convenient storage of the cargo pockets. The side zippers on each side of the lower waist made it easy to carry a tool belt without having the jacket bunch up around the waist. The zippers are some of the easiest we’ve used in a long time, never hanging up on the liner or binding. With a quality wind-stopper fleece, this jacket could realistically work as a true four-season jacket.

flypantspe1flype3flypantspe2The Patrol pant is also a winner in our opinion with its great multi-climate options. With four front and two rear zippered vents, it was easy to get enough airflow through them. If you need to use the zippers on the removable lower leg, it can be opened halfway to really increase airflow. We’re not fans of riding without full leg protection, though the zip on the lower portion is real handy when off the bike, especially for the multi-day rides when carrying extra clothing isn’t an option. Much like the jacket, the pants could handle colder conditions with a quality thermal base layer. The only issue we could find with the pant was the zip-off leg zipper irritated the knee if we didn’t wear knee/shin guards. Fortunately, we haven’t tested the durability of this gear in a crash, but we can say it has a quality feel that we think is up to the task.

BOTTOM LINE: We really like the Fly Racing Patrol jacket/pant combo. The features and versatility of this gear are outstanding and have proven to work in our off-road world quite nicely. With a little searching on the internet, you can own this combo set for $200! That’s pretty amazing considering you’re getting three sets of gear in one.

PRICE: Jacket, $149.95; pants,   $119.95


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