Fly Racing Introduces the Formula MX Helmet

 Fly Racing is proud to announce the release of the Formula MX off 
 road helmet. The Formula MX represents over two years of extensive 
 research and development and was designed to surpass the 
 expectations of professional racers. Powerful styling, massive 
 airflow, and carbon fiber and Kevlar composite construction combine 
 to set a new standard in high-end racing helmets.

 See what the buzz is about. Visit to view the 
 Formula MX intro video.


 About Fly Racing and Western Power Sports
 Established in 1996, Fly Racing began as a manufacturer of 
 motorcycle handlebars and helmets and has quickly developed into one 
 of the fastest growing off road riding apparel and hard part brands. 
 Fly Racing develops high-quality products for the competitive and 
 demanding North American market and is distributed in 40+ countries.

 Fly Racing products are distributed in the United States by Western 
 Power Sports (WPS, Inc.). Established in 1959, Western Power Sports 
 is a distributor of power sports parts and accessories with 
 corporate headquarters in Boise, Idaho. With a strong foothold on 
 the power sports market, WPS has warehouses located in Boise, Idaho; 
 Fresno, California; and Memphis, Tennessee. Fly Racing and WPS are 
 here to serve the needs of today’s Powersports enthusiast.

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