Flo X-Air filters

 Because they’re hidden within the bowels of the machine, the air filter is pretty much a forgotten cog with a high-end role. While we’re not getting into prep here, we will talk about the Flo-X air filter, which comes with two external foam covers (filter skins) that help deflect incoming dirt and make for quicker filter maintenance. Additionally, one of the big issues with air filters is maintenance and the Flo-X system not only fits a number of machines (for example the PCF1X fits the YZ, WR, CR, RM, RMZ, KX) each filter comes with a pair of surgical gloves so that your virginal setup is painless and antiseptic. We’ve been using the Flo-X air filter for years, have come to rely on their quality construction and though we have not performed any laboratory tests, have yet to blow a motor using one of the units. They’re priced right, fit a variety of machines and stop goo from invading the internals of the motor, if they’re prepped correctly.

Here’s the dog and pony from the manufacturer: PC Racing’s new FLO® X Filters have a patent-pending design that includes two Foam Filterskins®. The main filter incorporates a bonded two layer precision foam and proper density for maximum performance and filtration. Additionally, FLO® X Air Filters now come with 2 foam Filterskins® to make the task of cleaning the filter as easy as peeling off the dirty Filterskin®! It is like having 3 filters in one, and you don’t have to loosen the wing nut to remove the Filterskin®. Additionally, the foam Filterskin® fits tight and is very thin and porous so that airflow is not restricted. With 3 uses out of one FLO® X Air Filter, riders don’t have to sacrifice quality for convenience as the main filter and Foam Filterskins® are made with the highest quality materials to last for years.

Our bottom line: they work, they’re priced right, we love the additional outer Filterskins and the gloves that make oiling a more palatable ordeal.



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