Dear Mr. Know-It-All,

I must have stolen money out of a blind homeless person’s cup in a former life, because I’m flatting every time I go riding. What am I doing wrong?
Afraid to give my name.
Via [email protected]

There are several possibilities here. First, you’re a Myron and ride with the grace of a sumo wrestler pole-vaulting with a stir stick. Second, you’re running tubes that could double as latex gloves. Third, somehow the last decade has sidled past your glazed-over eyes and you have failed to notice the abundance of thick tubes, Tubliss air systems and foam inserts that have come on the scene. Consider the following: your suspension is set up incorrectly. Too-soft damping systems bottom easily, and tire flex gets severely strained on big hits. Thin tubes pinch and flat easily. Get a set of thick tubes from either STI or Kenda. Both offer heavy-duty and super-heavy-duty models. They work wonderfully off-road and let you run an air pressure that improves handling. Higher air pressures (16 psi and above) may ward off high-speed blows, but a horrible-handling machine means that you are going to smack more obstacles than you miss. For serious rides, where you travel a ways to get there or have spent hard-earned funds to participate in a group function, consider a Tubliss system or foam inserts. Nutech offers both, and they are the best way to keep air in the tire’s lungs.


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